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NASIGuide: Serial Holdings

Individual Codes 

Only those codes that are usually editable are examined here. For a more complete list of codes, see the Concise MFHD on the MARC web site at

Each individual code is explicitly defined and highlighted by examples. In addition, each code is examined from one or more of three points of view, as applicable: conversion/migration issues, current coding, and/or retrospective coding. The intricacies of each point of view is discussed for each code with suggestions for implementation.

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The leader is a fixed field that includes the first 24 character positions (00-23) of a record.

Control Fields
The control fields are 001-008. They contain control numbers and other coded information used in processing MARC records.

Number and Code Fields
The number and code fields are 0XX. They contain standard numbers that identify the bibliographic record to which a holdings record is linked.

Note Fields
The note fields are 5XX and 84X. They contain information relating to the preservation, use, form, etc. of the bibliographic item.

Location and Access Fields
The location and access fields are 852 and 856. They contain information about where the item is located and how it can be accessed (physically or electronically).

Holdings Data
There are four groups of holdings data fields: 
853-855, Captions and pattern fields 
863-865, Enumeration and chronology fields 
866-868, Textual holdings fields 
876-878, Item information fields
These fields record information about the items held by the library.


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