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The charge of the Digital Preservation Committee is to identify ways in which NASIG can educate and inform its members and the community at large in the ways they can work to ensure digital scholarly content in all formats remains available to future users. The committee will identify and publicize the roles and responsibilities needed for librarians and publishers and will develop some best practices for the industry, including open access. The committee will work collaboratively with other organizations with an interest in digital preservation to ensure that we are working in partnership and broadening the range of our efforts, extending the marketing of appropriate digital preservation activities to a broad range of library administrations and publishers.

Committee Members


Ella Hitchcock (Stanford University), 23/25
Julie Shi (University of Toronto), 23/25
Erica Zhang (UCLA), 23/25


Amy Carlson (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa), 24/26
Shannon Keller (US Dept of State), 24/26
Jeremy Morse (University of Michigan), 24/26
Christina Nguyen (University of Toronto), 24/26
James Phillpotts (Oxford University Press), 23/25
Michelle Polchow (University of California, Davis), 23/25
Abeni Wickham (SciFree), 23/25
Alicia Wise (CLOCKSS), 24/26

Ex Officio:

Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa), Keeper's Registry Liaison, ex officio

Board Liaison: Heather Staines (Delta Think)


Model Digital Preservation Policy


Please send comments to the Committee.


  • NASIG Digital Preservation Task Force Survey Results, May 1, 2019 (PDF)


Presentations listed below were either presented by individuals serving on the committee, presented at NASIG-sponsored events, or were included in this list due to their being informative for the study and understanding of digital preservation.

  • Publishers Preserving Publishing (NASIG Digital Preservation Webinar, November 28 2023
    Carol Tullo and Ruth Frendo, The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers ; Martin Maw, Oxford University Press

  • Creating a Publishing Preservation Policy (Library Publishing Forum, 24 May 2023)
    Corinne Guimont, Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Virginia Tech

  • Launch of the NASIG Model of Digital Preservation Policy (NASIG 2022, 6 June 2022)
    Heather Staines ; Abeni Wickham ; Willa Liburd Tavernier
    [Sched Listing | Slides]

  • Integrating Preservation into Librarian Workflows (NASIG Digital Preservation Webinar, 29 March 2022)
    Jill Emery ; Sunshine Carter

  • A Model Preservation Policy for Digital Publishers & Preservers (NASIG Webinar, 16 September 2021)
    Jennifer Regala ; Jeremy Morse ; Corinne Guimont

  • Ensuring Continuity of Access: Best Practices in Digital Preservation and Content Transfer (NASIG 2021, May 21, 2021)
    Emily Elliot
    [Proceedings ArticleYouTube]

  • Heeding the Call: Finding At-Risk Electronic Titles in University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Hawaiian Collection (NASIG 2021, May 21, 2021)
    Amy J. Carlson ; Jodie Mattos
    [Proceedings Article | Slides | YouTube]

  • From the Cradle to the Digital Vault: Tracking the Path of E-journals (NASIG 2021, May 19, 2021)
    Gaëlle Béquet
    [Proceedings Article | Slideshare]

  • Licensing E-Resources: Is your Publisher a Preservationist? (NASIG Webinar, 18 March 2021)
    James Phillpotts ; Michelle Polchow
    [Slides (PowerPoint)]

  • Open Access Content Under Threat: Internet Archive and Portico (NASIG Webinar, 19 November 2020)
    Stephanie Orphan ; Jefferson Bailey

  • Where Do We Keep That? The New Keepers Registry and the Digital Content in Your Collection (NASIG 2020, June 11, 2020) 
    Willa Tavernier ; Ted Westervelt
    [Proceedings ArticleSlideshare | YouTube]

  • Exploring Perpetual Access (NASIG 2020, June 11, 2020)
    Michelle Polchow
    [Proceedings ArticleSlideshare | YouTube]

  • Demystifying Digital Preservation: Recommendations for Organizations, Libraries, and Information Professionals (NASIG 2019, 6 June 2019)
    Shannon Keller
    [Proceedings ArticleSlides (PDF)]

  • Seasons of Change: Digital Preservation in an Ever-Changing Digital Environment (Charleston Conference, 8 November 2018)
    Heather Staines ; Shannon Keller ; Bob Boissy
    [Slides (PDF)]

  • Digital Preservation Task Force Update (NASIG 2018, 9 June 2018)
    Shannon Regan Keller ; Wendy C. Robertson ; Kim Steinle
    [Proceedings ArticleSlides]

  • Digital Preservation for Library Publishers: Raising Awareness (Library Publishing Forum 2018, 22 May 2018)
    Heather Staines, "NASIG Digital Preservation Task Force" ; Wendy C. Robertson, "Digital Preservation and Small Library Publishers" ; Jeremy Morse, "Preservation Policies, And Why Every Publisher Needs One"

  • Stewardship of the Digital Scholarly Record and of Each Nation’s Published Heritage (NASIG 2017, 10 June, 2017)
    Peter Burnhill ; Gaëlle Béquet ; Alan Darnell ; Ted Westervelt
     [Proceedings Article | Slides (PowerPoint) | Slideshare]

  • Vision Session: Building a Social Compact for Preserving E-Journals (NASIG 2015, 30 May, 2015)
    Anne Kenney
    [Proceedings ArticleYouTube]

  • Vision Session: From a System of Journals to a Web of Objects (NASIG 2014, 3, May, 2014)
    Herbert Van de Sompel
    [Proceedings ArticleYouTube]

  • Preserving Content from Your Institutional Repository (NASIG 2013, 8 June, 2013)
    Wendy C. Robertson and Carol Ann Borchert
    [Proceedings ArticleSlideshare]

  • Tracking Perpetual Access: A Survey of Librarian Practice (NASIG 2013, 7 June 2013)
    Chris Bulock
    [Proceedings ArticleSlideshare]


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