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The NASIG Board is excited to announce that the 2025 annual conference will be held virtually! While we value the transformative potential of in-person events, and look forward to future opportunities for the NASIG community to come together in shared physical spaces, we are mindful of the financial and environmental impacts associated with holding an in-person conference every year.

Many NASIG members have shared their concerns over decreasing professional development funding, and we realize that many practitioners in the library world are going through system migrations, staff shortages, and other post-pandemic related disruptions. After taking these and other factors into consideration, the Board has determined that a 2025 virtual conference aligns best with the NASIG community’s interests, while also upholding NASIG’s commitment to sustainability and stewardship.

We are dedicated to making 2025’s virtual conference an event that will provide ample opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking, and both professional and organizational growth.

Below is a brief FAQ that will be updated as more information becomes available:

Will there be an in-person conference in 2026?

We would like to stress that this is not the end of in-person conferences, just that we are moving to a bi-annual schedule.

Will there be a NASIG Autumn in 2025?

Since NASIG 2025 will be virtual, we have decided to combine both for one annual, virtual conference in 2025.

How can I get involved with the NASIG 2025 virtual conference?

You can contact the conference planning committee or program planning committee for information on how to get involved.


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