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NASIG 29th Annual Conference

Taking Stock and Taming New Frontiers

May 1-4, 2014
Ft. Worth, Texas

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Vision Session Video: Jenica Rogers
Vision Session Video: Katherine Skinner

Vision Session Video: Herbert Van de Sompel 


Conference Schedule on includes complete descriptions of each session.

Legend: C: Concurrent Session E: Event G: Great Idea O: Organizational P: Pre-Conference S: Snapshot Session V: Vision Session


8:00am –  5:00pm O Board MeetingCrystal Ballroom B

1:00pm –  5:00pm P Preconference: Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop (Session 1 of 2) Crystal Ballroom A
Speakers: Les Hawkins, Hien Nguyen 

1:00pm –  5:00pm P Preconference: Building Your Licensing and Negotiation Skills Toolkit Crystal Ballroom C
Speakers: Claire Dygert



8:00am –  12:00pm P Preconference: Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop (Session 2 of 2) Crystal Ballroom A
Speakers: Les Hawkins, Hien Nguyen
8:00am –  12:00pm P Preconference: Big Deals and Squeaky Wheels: Taking Stock of your Stats Crystal Ballroom C
Speakers: Angie Rathmel, Lea Currie
7:30pm –  10:30pm EOpening Social Billy Bob's
9:00am –  10:15am V Critical Moments: Chance, Choice, and Change in Scholarly Publishing Crystal Ballroom A/B
Speakers: Katherine Skinner

10:40am –  11:40am C OA in the library collection: The challenges of identifying and managing open access resources Texas A/B
Speakers: Chris Bulock, Nathan Hosburgh

10:40am –  11:40am C Rounding Up Those Prices: Do you know what you are paying for? Texas C/D
Speakers: Anne McKee, Tina Feick

10:40am –  11:40am C The Impact of Reorganization on Staff: Using the Core Competencies as a Framework for Staff Training and Development Crystal Ballroom D
Speakers: Rachel Erb

10:40am –  11:40am C The Unbearable Insecurity of the Electronic Resources Librarian Citizens A/B
Speakers: Stephen Buck

10:40am –  11:40am C Wrangling Metadata from HathiTrust and PubMed to Provide Full-text Linking to The Cornell Veterinarian Citizens C
Speakers: Steven Folsom

11:45am –  12:15pm O Business Meeting Crystal Ballroom A/B

1:10pm –  2:10pm C Are we there yet? : Moving to an e-only collection development policy for books Crystal Ballroom D
Speakers: Kate Moore

1:10pm –  2:10pm C Can you be a PESCaterian among the Fort Worth Stockyards Citizens A/B
Speakers: Laurie Kaplan

1:10pm –  2:10pm C Hybrid journals: Ensuring systematic and standard discoverability of the latest Open Access articles Texas A/B
Speakers: Brian Kelly

1:10pm –  2:10pm C Taming Mobile Applications Texas C/D
Speakers: Cris Ferguson

2:25pm –  3:25pm O Vendor Lightning Talks Crystal Ballroom A/B
Moderators: Anna Creech

3:40pm –  4:40pm C Cost-per-use vs. Hours-per-report: Usage reporting and the value of staff time Citizens A/B
Speakers: Christina Torbert

3:40pm –  4:40pm C Meeting the E-Resources Challenge through Collaboration: An OCLC perspective on effective management, access and delivery of electronic collections Texas C/D
Speakers: Andrew Pace, Jill Fluvog, Rene Erlandson, Dawn Hale, Maria Collins

3:40pm –  4:40pm C The Power of Sharing Linked Data: Giving the Web What It Wants Texas A/B
Speakers: Richard Wallis

3:40pm –  4:40pm C Why can't students get the sources they need? Results from a real electronic resource availability study Crystal Ballroom D
Speakers: Sanjeet Mann

5:00pm –  6:00pm G Creating New Spaces for Our Future: A Weeding Workflow Crystal Ballroom A/B
Speakers: Dana Whitmire

5:00pm –  6:00pm G E-Content Statistics Schedule: Manage the Chaos of Gathering Usage Stats Crystal Ballroom A/B
Speakers: Lanette Garza

5:00pm –  6:00pm G Great Ideas Showcase Crystal Ballroom A/B

5:00pm –  6:00pm G Share With Your Friends - Resources in Common Crystal Ballroom A/B
Speakers: Dana Whitmire

5:00pm –  6:00pm G Surviving the Winter of Our Discontent: Making the Early English Books Series Discoverable at MSU Libraries Crystal Ballroom A/B
Speakers: Melody Dale

5:00pm –  6:00pm S Snapshot Sessions Crystal Ballroom A/B


  • Expanding Technicians' Work Beyond the ILS
    Speakers: Betty Landesman
  • Keep On Knockin' But You Can't Come In: Access Denials and E-Journal Selection
    Speakers: Megan Kilb
  • Taming Print Journal Collections... To Boldly Weed Where No One Has Weeded Before
    Speakers: Kathryn Dalius
  • Transfer Working Group Update
    Speakers: Dani Roach




9:00am –  10:15amVFrom a System of Journals to a Web of Objects Crystal Ballroom A/B
Speakers: Herbert Van de Sompel
10:40am –  11:40amCActions and Updates on the Standards and Best Practices Front Texas A/B
Speakers: Nettie Lagace, Laurie Kaplan
10:40am –  11:40amCConverting Your e-Resource Records to RDA Citizens A/B
Speakers: Richard Guajardo
10:40am –  11:40amCThe Licensing Lifecycle: From Negotiation to Compliance Crystal Ballroom D
Speakers: Jane Smith, Eric Hartnett
10:40am –  11:40amCTo Boldly Go Where Few Have Gone Before: Global eResource Management in the Cloud Texas C/D
Speakers: Rene Erlandson, Jeff Kuskie
12:00pm –  1:00pmEInformal Discussion Groups Crystal D & Citizens A,B,C
1:10pm –  2:10pmCCore Competencies to the Rescue: Taking Stock and Protecting Institutional Knowledge Texas C/D
Speakers: Paula Sullenger, Shade Aladebumoye, Nadine Ellero
1:10pm –  2:10pmCGap Analysis by Subject Area of the University of Houston Main Campus Library Collection Citizens C
Speakers: Jackie Bronicki, Irene Ke, Shawn Vaillancourt, Cherie Turner
1:10pm –  2:10pmCPrint Core Competencies Task Force Citizens A/B
Speakers: Susan Davis, Sanjeet Mann, Taryn Resnick, Eugenia Beh
1:10pm –  2:10pmCThe Quick & the Dirty: Database Overlap at the Journal Title Level Texas A/B
Speakers: Priya Kizhakkethil, Karen Harker
1:10pm –  2:10pmCYer Doin it Wrong: How NOT to Interact with Vendors, Publishers, or Librarians Crystal Ballroom D
Speakers: Anne McKee, Katy Ginanni, Jenni Wilson
2:30pm –  3:30pmC10,000 Libraries, 4 Years: A Large-Scale Study of Ebook Usage and How You Can Use the Data to Move Forward Texas A/B
Speakers: Michael Levine-Clark, Kari Paulson
2:30pm –  3:30pmCAcquisition & management of digital collections at the Library of Congress Citizens A/B
Speakers: Ted Westervelt
2:30pm –  3:30pmCPersonalizing the Library Service to Improve Scholarly Communication Citizens C
Speakers: Elyse Profera, Renée N. Jefferson, Ph.D.
2:30pm –  3:30pmCPlanning for the Budget-ocalypse: The Evolution of a Serials/ER Cancellation Methodology Texas C/D
Speakers: Todd Enoch, Karen Harker
2:30pm –  3:30pmCTechniques for Tracking Perpetual Access Crystal Ballroom D
Speakers: Chris Bulock
3:50pm –  4:50pmCAutomated creation of analytic catalog records for born-digital journal articles Texas C/D
Speakers: Kevin S. Hawkins
3:50pm –  4:50pmCConfessions of a late bloomer: Use and acceptance of an eBooks program adopted in an undergraduate library Citizens C
Speakers: Molly Olney-Zide, Laura Eiford
3:50pm –  4:50pmCLassoing the Licensing Beast: How Electronic Resources Librarians can build competency and advocate for wrangling electronic content licensing. Texas A/B
Speakers: Shannon Regan
3:50pm –  4:50pmCMapping the Final Frontier: Publishers' Experiences Launching Open Access Journals in the Burgeoning Mixed-access Economy Continental Room
Speakers: James Butcher, PhD, Dr. Kevin Davies, Karen Hawkins, John Mihalick
3:50pm –  4:50pmCORCID Identifiers: Planned
9:00am –  10:15amVReaching New Horizons: Gathering the Resources Librarians Need to Make Hard Decisions Crystal Ballroom A/B
Speakers: Jenica Rogers
10:15am –  10:30amEClosing Remarks Crystal Ballroom A/B
10:40am –  11:40amCFacing Our E-Demons: The Challenges of E-Serial Management in a Large Academic Library Crystal Ballroom A/B
Speakers: Marlene van Ballegooie, Juliya Borie
10:40am –  11:40amCManaging Serials in a Large Digital Library: Case Study of the UNT Libraries Digital Collections Citizens A/B
Speakers: Hannah Tarver
10:40am –  11:40amCOpportunities beyond electronic resource management: An extension of the Core Competencies for Electronic Resources Librarians to digital scholarship and scholarly communications Texas A/B
Speakers: Angela Dresselhaus
10:40am –  11:40amCTaming the Information Frontier Texas C/D
Speakers: Jane Skoric, Carol Seiler
12:15pm –  1:15pmOClosing Board Meeting Continental Room