Conference Archives > 1993

NASIG 8th Annual Conference

New Scholarship: New Serials

June 10-13, 1993
Providence, Rhode Island

Gail McMillan and Marilyn L. Norstedt, Proceedings Editors


NASIGNET and Beyond: A Guided Tour of Electronic Networking Resources for Serialists
Birdie MacLennan and Marilyn Geller, presenters
Cathy Weng, recorder

How to Plan and Deliver a Great Workshop
Tom Gearty and Julie Gammon, presenters
Elizabeth Parang, recorder

Plenary Session I

Scientific Visualization in Earth and Planetary Science: It Looks Good but will it Publish?
John Mustard

Interactive Computer Graphics, Higher Dimensional Geometry and Electronic Publication: From Flatland to HyperText
Thomas F. Banchoff

Creating the Library of the Future: Incrementalism Won't Get Us There!
Brian L. Hawkins

Plenary Session II

Global Problems and "Serials" Tools: Reflections on Current Challenges and Opportunities
C. Edward Wall

Plenary Session III

Serials 2020
Laura N. Gasaway

2020: A Publisher's View into the Crystal Ball
Janet H. Fisher

The Journal in the Year 2020
Rebecca T. Lenzini

Scholarly Journals in 2020
David L. Rodgers


Concurrent Session I
Cataloging Electronic Serials: Today and Tomorrow

Cataloging Electronic Supplements to Serials: Beyond the Note Field
Dena Holiman Hutto

Cataloging CD-ROMs: Serials? Computer Files? Serials Files? Computerials?
Gail McMillan

Controlling E-Journals: The Internet Resources Project, Cataloging Guidelines, and USMARC
Priscilla Caplan

Concurrent Session II
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Future of the Subscription Agent

The Role of the Specialized Vendor in a Changing Market
Jane Maddox

Mega Vendor: Threat or Promise?
John E. Cox

Future Value-Added Services Remaining Competitive In a New Market
J. T. Stephens

Access vs. Ownership: Strategic Implications for Agents
Adrian W. Alexander

Concurrent Session III
New Publishing, New Serials: A Tale of Two Experiments

Red Sage Project
Richard E. Lucier and Robert C. Badger

NASA STELAR Experiment
Michael E. Van Steenberg

Concurrent Session IV
Copyright & Libraries: Working in an Electronic Environment

The Copyright Law: How it Works and New Issues in Electronic Settings
Brian Kahin

Copyright in the Electronic Era
Laura N. Gasaway

Invoicing Unveiled Added Charges and Payment Plan Options for Serials
Carol Magenau and Michael Markwith, presenters
Gail Julian, recorder

When is a Union List Not a Union List (and Vice Versa)?
Linda Arnold, Betty Landesman, Ann Schaffner, presenters
Patricia Banach, recorder

Designing Effective Journal Use Studies
Kate S. Herzog and Henry Armistead, presenters
Marla Edelman, recorder

Magazine Fulfillment Centers: How to Work with Them
Marcia Tuttle and Malena Sillva, presenters
Patricia M. Wallace, recorder

Serials Cancellation Projects: Two Viewpoints
Olga Paradis and Chris Desjarlais-Lueth, presenters
Connie Foster, recorder

Standing Orders: The Serialist's Stepchild
Vivian Buell and Rita Van Assche Bueter, presenters
JoAnne Deeken, recorder

SISAC: Vendors, Publishers, Agents, and Librarians Working Together for Standards
Susan Malawski, Sandra Gurshman, Karen Anspach, Minna Saxe, presenters
Patricia Eaves, recorder

International Serials Data System: A Cataloging Resource
Pamela Simpson and Steve Shadle, presenters
Judith A. Johnston, recorder

Honey, I Shrunk the Kardex: Problems and Issues in Serials Automation
Roberta Winjum and Christine Conroy, presenters
Beth Holley, recorder

Vendor Choice: Does It Really Make a Difference?
Heather S. Miller and Michele J. Crump, presenters
Sharon Gasser, recorder

CD-ROMs and Locally-Mounted Databases: Powerful Tools for Interlibrary and In-Library Access to Serial Literature

Kathleen Imhoff and Thomas A. Peters, presenters
Merle Kimball, recorder

The Nature of Serials Public Service
Steve Savage, presenter
Steve Murden, recorder

Dups to Dumps: How to Manage Those Duplicate Materials
Glenn Jaeger, Daphne Miller, Patricia Thornberry, presenters
Sylvia Martin, recorder

Keeping the Serials Beast at Bay: A Case Study of Collaborative Serials
Mary Munroe, Rebecca Drummond Anne Page Mosby, presenters
Joan Stephens, recorder

Taming the Claims Monster: Some Methods of Measuring and Improving the Efficiency of Claiming Through a Vendor

Donna Padgett Lively and Lisa A. Macklin, presenter
Eleanor Cook, recorder

EDI Implementation: A Discussion and Demonstration
Wilbert Harri and Alan Nordman, presenter
Fran Fisher, recorder

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Format Integration, But Were Afraid To Ask
Paul J. Weiss, presenter
Kay Teel, recorder

Fitting the Serials Puzzle Together, or, Factors to Consider in Organizing Serials Work
Glenda Thornton and Elaine Jurries, presenters
Mary Ann Sheble, recorder