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NASIG 14th Annual Conference

From Carnegie to Internet2: Forging the Serials Future

June 10-13, 1999
Carnegie Mellon University

Conference Sessions

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P. Michelle Fiander, Joseph C. Harmon, and Jonathan David Makepeace, Proceedings Editors


Metadata Preconference
Stuart Weibel, Jane Greenberg, and Robin Wendler, Presenters
Debbie Malone, Recorder

Scenario Building: Creating Your Library's Future
Nancy Rea and Stacey Aldrich, Presenters
Jill Emery, Recorder


Moving the Network Revolution in Knowledge Management Beyond Random Acts of Progress
William Graves, Presenter
Bud Sonka, Recorder

Information Ecologies
Vicki L. O'Day

Shift Happens: Ten Key Trends in Our Profession and Ten Strategies for Success
Stephen Abram


Academic Librarianship and the Redefining Scholarship Project
Gloriana St. Clair and Rush Miller, Presenters
P. Michelle Fiander, Recorder

Elements of Style for Next Generation Serials Electronic Data Interchange
Robert W. Boissy, Jane Grawemeyer, and Bonnie Postlethwaite

PEAK Project Overview
Maria Bonn, Presenter
Leslie Horner Button, Recorder

Project PEAK: Vanderbilt's Experience with Articles on Demand
John M. Haar

E-Business for E-Journals: Article Pay-per-View
Sharon Cline McKay

The American Physical Society and the TORPEDO Ultra Project
Robert A. Kelly

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and the TORPEDO Ultra Project
Laurie E. Stackpole

The Evolution of Distance Learning Environments: Shift Happens
Jean S. Caspers and Lawrence C. Ragan

Looking Back
Donna K. Cohen and Karen A. Schmidt, Presenters
Jennifer L. Edwards, Recorder

One Hundred Percent Communication
Mary Devlin, Presenter
Carol D. Green, Recorder

Vendors and Licenses: Adding Value for Customers
John Blosser

Licensing: A Publisher's Perspective
Eileen Lawrence

Subscription Agent and Publisher Initiatives
Jan Peterson, Presenter
Jodith Janes and P. Michelle Fiander, Contributors

Searching and Access to Full Content on the Web, or, We've Got Documents and Publications, Now What?
Mark Wasson and Ray Daley

Developing a Web Collection: Selection and Evaluation
Rick Lawson, James Testa, and Angela Hitti, Presenters
Joseph C. Harmon, Recorder

Academic Issues in E-Journal Selection and Evaluation
Hal P. Kirkwood

Additive Change: Unobtrusive Advertising for Academic Journals
Casey Slott

Exploring the Possibilities in the Print and Electronic Worlds
John Tagler

The Journal as a Provider of Community Services
John Cox


Impact of Bundled Databases on Serials Acquisitions in Academic Libraries
Konny Thompson and Rayette Wilder, Workshop Leaders
Leslie Horner Button, Recorder

The Pricing Implications of Site and Consortia Licensing into the Next Millennium
Simon Inger, Taissa Kusma, and Barbara McFadden Allen, Workshop Leaders
Sandra Barstow, Recorder

Managing Multiple Media and Extraordinary Expectations
Carolyn L. Helmetsie and Randall M. Hopkins, Workshop Leaders
Kay G. Johnson, Recorder

Push Technology: Applications for Scholarly Communications and Information Management
Amira Aaron and David R. Fritsch, Workshop Leaders
Paula Sullenger, Recorder

Printed Back Volumes and Issues: A Thing of the Past?
Glenn Jaeger, Tracey Clarke, Carol MacAdam, Janet Fisher, and John Fobert, Workshop Leaders
Naomi Kietzke Young, Recorder

The Elsevier--WebLUIS Connection: A Florida Venture and Adventure
Michele Newberry, Elaine Henjum, and Carol Drum, Workshop Leaders
Beth Guay, Recorder

AACR2 and You: Revising AACR2 to Accommodate Seriality
Jean Hirons and Les Hawkins, Workshop Leaders
Pat French, Recorder

Dear Abby/Dear Abbott
Tina Feick, Keith Courtney, Karen Cargille, and Mike Markwith,Workshop Leaders
Stephen D. Corrsin, Recorder

Hybrid Methods of Desktop Journal Article Delivery
R. James King, Workshop Leader
Amy K. Weiss, Recorder

Deacidification of Journals: Saving the Past and Present for the Future-You Mean Publishers Aren't Using Alkaline Paper?
Jeanne Drewes and Kristine Smets, Workshop Leaders
Cheryl Riley, Recorder

Organizing Web-Based Resources
Linda Chase and Claire Dygert, Workshop Leaders
Judith A. Johnston, Recorder

Provocative Public Services: Ways That Serials Public Service Is Changing in the Electronic Era
Robb M. Waltner, Workshop Leader
Marcella Lesher, Recorder

Toward Better Access to Full-Text Aggregator Collections
Yumin Jiang and Jeanne A. Baker, Workshop Leaders
Lynda S. Kresge, Recorder

If It's Legal, It's Probably a Serial
Janet McKinney, Workshop Leader
David M. Bynog, Recorder

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Collection Management Following a Statewide Purchase of Electronic Resources
Nancy Newsome and Jill Ellern, Workshop Leaders
Jeffrey S. Bullington, Recorder

Supporting E-Journal Integration Through Standards: The OCLC Reference Services Experience and Experiences from the Field
Deborah L. Bendig and Marjorie Hlava, Workshop Leaders
Marilyn Quinn, Recorder

Forging the Future for Archival Concerns and Resource Sharing
Marjorie E. Bloss and Mary I. Wilke, Workshop Leaders
Teresa Arnold, Recorder

The Convergence of User Needs, Collection Building, and the Electronic Publishing Market Place
Jie Tian and Sharon Wiles-Young, Workshop Leaders
Elizabeth Parang, Recorder

Putting It All Together: The Involvement of Technical Services, Public Services, and Systems to Create a Web-Based Resource Collection
Steve Shadle and Alex Wade, Workshop Leaders
Susan Scheiberg, Recorder

From Catalog Card to MARC: USMARC Bibliographic Self-Defense
Jo Calk, Workshop Leader
Bob Persing, Recorder

Realistic Licensing or Licensing Realities: Practical Advice on License Agreements
Trisha L. Davis, Workshop Leader
Lucien R. Rossignol, Recorder

Taming the Octopus: Getting a Grip on Electronic Resources
Nancy Markle Stanley, Angelina F. Holden, and Betty L. Nirnberger, Workshop Leaders
Donnice Cochenour, Recorder