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NASIG 15th Annual Conference

Making Waves: New Serials Landscapes in a Sea of Change

June 22-25, 2000
University of California, San Diego
San Diego, California


Conference Sessions

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Preconference Programs

Understanding the MARC Format for Holdings Data (MFHD)
Frieda Rosenberg and Mary Ann Van Cura, Presenters

In an Emergency: Salvaging Library Collections
Julie A. Page, Presenter

E-Journals: The Final Frontier
Sandra Barstow, Regina Romano Reynolds, and Leo Treyzon, First Session Presenters
October Ivins, Tim Ingoldsby, and Peter Boyce, Second Session Presenters

Plenary Sessions

Impossible Things
Eugenie Prime, Presenter

Bob's World and Welcome to It: Bits, Bytes, and Your Little Dog, Too
Bob Cringley, Presenter

Catching the Wave: Views of the Serials Future
Eugenie Prime, John Cox, Julia Blixrud, Chris Beckett, Regina Reynolds, Mark McCabe, and Cathy Norton, Presenters

Concurrent Sessions

''La Jolla Confidential'': The Inside Story of BioOneTM
Adrian W. Alexander and Marilu Goodyear

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Key Issues for Serialists
Trisha L. Davis, Presenter

Globalization, Consolidation and the Growth of the Giants:
Scholarly Communication, the Individual, and the Internet

John Cox

SPARC: Setting Sail into the Seas of Competition
Julia C. Blixrud

A Method Out of the Madness: OhioLINK's Collaborative Response to the Serials Crisis Three Years Later: A Progress Report
Thomas J. Sanville

The Impact of Publisher Mergers on Journal Prices: Theory and Evidence
Mark J. McCabe

Speaking a Serials Cataloging Tongue: Lingua Franca for the Web?
Debora Seys, Presenter

A Tale of Two Archive Projects: The Open Archives Project and PubMed Central

The Open Archives Initiative: Interoperable, Interdisciplinary Author Self-Archiving Comes of Age
Richard E. Luce

PubMed Central: A Barrier-Free Repository for the Life Sciences
Liz Pope


The Technical Services Departmental Webpage: A New Wave Management Tool for Serialists
June Chressanthis and Kathryn Wesley, Workshop Leaders

Making the Past Accessible for the Future: Cataloging Historical Serials
Sandy Folsom, Workshop Leader

Catch the Preservation Wave: Preservation Orientation for Library Staff
Julie A. Page, Workshop Leader

Not Your Father's ISSN!
Regina Romano Reynolds, Workshop Leader

Eliminating E-mail Clutter: Strategies for Virtual Office Management
Eleanor I. Cook, Workshop Leader

Navigating the Channel Between Library Website and OPAC: How We Make E-Journals Available
Maggie Wineburgh-Freed and Mary Buttner, Workshop Leaders

Cataloging Government Online Serials: Challenges and Prospects
Thomas A. Downing, Workshop Leader

Developments and Uses of the DOI and Other Identifiers in Reference Linking and Access/Rights Management
Simon Inger, Workshop Leader

Using Metadata Within the Library: Relevancy and Practical Applications
Yumin Jiang and Margi Mann, Workshop Leaders

Formatting Holdings Statements: According to the Niso Standard Z39.71-1999
Marjorie E. Bloss and Helen E. Gbala, Workshop Leaders

Navigating the Waves of Change in Serials Management: Employing MS Access Database Management Software
Lisa DePalo, Workshop Leader

Electronic Journal Cataloging Conundrums
Becky Culbertson and Linda Barnhart, Workshop Leaders

Creating an Interactive Web Application for Providing Access to Full-Text Electronic Journals from Any Location
John W. Felts, Jr., Workshop Leader

Reshaping Roles in Acquisitions
Pamela K. Goude, Workshop Leader

Never Mind Seeing the Forest for the Trees, ILL Needs to Find the Leaves!
Gale Etschmaier and Betty Landesman, Workshop Leaders

Taking Stock and Making Plans: Providing Access to Web-Based Federal Government Periodicals
Mark McCullough and Becky Schwartzkopf, Workshop Leaders

Exploring Uncharted Waters: Alternative Careers for the Serialist
Joan Griffith and Sarah Tusa,Workshop Leaders

Collection Development Decisions: Make Them for the Right Reasons
Nancy A. Cunningham, Workshop Leader

The Impact of EDI on Serials Management: Don't Let the Ship Sail Without You!
Charlene N. Simser and Rachel R. Vukas, Workshop Leaders

The California State University Journal Access Core Collection Project (JACC): What It Is, and What It Is Not, and Where We Go from Here
Kittie Henderson and Priscilla Peters, Workshop Leaders

Implementing and Appreciating the MARC Holdings Format
Marilyn Quinn and Gracemary Smulewitz, Workshop Leaders

Data Warehousing: Developing a Support System Prototype
Karen Cole and Michael Somers, Workshop Leaders

Do We Catalog These or Not? How Research Libraries Are Providing Bibliographic Access to Electronic Journals
Charity K. Martin, Workshop Leader

Before They Throw the Switch: Insights on E-Access from the Back Room
Ladd Brown and Molly Brennan Cox, Workshop Leaders

Prioritizing Periodicals: A Web-Based Approach to Gathering Faculty Advice on Journal Subscriptions
Dennis Stephens and Christopher Lott, Workshop Leaders

Sink or Swim: Organizing Your Work Space Is a Lifesaver
John Blosser, Philenese Slaughter, and Allan Scherlen, Workshop Leaders

We're Heading for the Barn Now! An Update on the Revisions to ISBD(S) and AACR2 Rules for Serials Cataloging
Jean Hirons and Karen Darling, Workshop Leaders

Bridges over Troubled Waters: Techniques for Managing the Impact of E-serials

Approaches, Techniques, and Criteria for Serials Evaluation in the Electronic Environment
Thomas E. Nisonger, Workshop Leader

To Bind or Not to Bind: Managing Electronic and Paper Serials in a Sea of Change
Jeanne Drewes, Workshop Leader

The Cost of Providing Electronic Resources: Are We Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic?
Nancy W. Fleck, Pat Loghry, and Adolfo R. Tarango, Workshop Leaders

Responsibility for Preserving and Archiving Electronic Resources: Whose Job Is It Anyway?
Barbara A. Winters and Merrill F. Smith, Workshop Leaders
Doug LaFrenier, Marilyn Geller, Don Jaeger,and Thomas J. Sanville, Panelists

Poster Sessions