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NASIG 16th Annual Conference

NASIG 2001: A Serials Odyssey

May 23-26, 2001
Trinity University
San Antonio, Texas


Conference Sessions 

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Preconference Programs

Licensing Electronic Resources
Laurie Thompson, Presenter

Getting Published: Surviving in a "Write Stuff or They Will Fire You" Environment
Ladd Brown, Cindy Hepfer, Jeff Bullington, and Wayne Jones, Presenters

Plenary Sessions

Chemical Publication: A Critical Evaluation
Steven M. Bachrach, Presenter

The Tempe Principles in Practice
Stanley Chodorow, Presenter

Generation Y: A Perspective on America's Next Generation and Their Impact on Higher Education
Stephen R. Merritt, Presenter

Sensemaking and the Digital Librarian
Mary Lynn Rice-Lively, Presenter

Infomediaries in the Internet Era: Subscription Agents as Intermediaries and Aggregators in the Electronic Publishing World-Agents of Change and Tradition
Phillipp Neie and Heather Steele, Presenter

UCITA and Fair Use: A Compatible or Combatable Relationship
Sarah K. Wiant, Presenter
Sharon McCaslin, Presenter

New Models for Serials: Redefining the Serial and the Licensing Environment
John Cox, Presenter

Three-Dimensional Serials; or, How I Learned to Love Content Management on the Web
Debora Seys, Presenter

Mexican Serials: Titles, Contents, and Readers of Treasures to Tap
Jesús Lau, Presenter

Licensing E-Journals: UK Style
Hazel Woodward, Presenter

Is XML in Your Future?
Art Rhyno, Presenter


Taming the Aggregators: Providing Access to Journals in Aggregator Databases
John Riemer and Jina Choi Wakimoto, Workshop Leaders

Journal Holdings Lists on Web Sites: Designs That Non-Specialized Staff Can Build and Maintain
Susan E. Pulsipher, Workshop Leader

Articles, Articles Everywhere . . . But Where? And Does It Matter?
Amira Aaron, Jonathan Helmke and Eve Davis, Workshop Leaders

Library Consortia: Penelope's Loom or a Positive Advance?
Joan Thompson and Tom Peters, Workshop Leaders

Outsourcing Electronic Journal Licensing and Negotiation; or, How to Make E-Journal Acquisitions and Licensing Processes as Boring as Ordering Print Journals
David R. Fritsch, Marilyn Geller and Adam Chesler, Workshop Leaders

We've Made It Available, But Is It Accessible?
Cheryl Riley, Workshop Leader

Cataloging Web Resources on the OCLC-CORC: Issues Identified in an Empirical Study
Tschera Harkness Connell, Workshop Leader

New Frontiers in Reference Service: Electronic Serials Transforming Public Service
Allan Scherlen and Markel Tumlin, Workshop Leaders

The CISTI Source/SUMO Experience at McGill University: Four Years Later
Louis Houle, Workshop Leader

What's One to Do When Vendors, Publishers and Aggregators Do Not Meet Your Usage Reporting Needs?

Fannie M. Cox and Weiling Liu, Workshop Leaders

The Art of Claiming
Kim Maxwell and Bob Boissy, Workshop Leaders

Using the ONIX Standard to Manage Serials
Brian Green, Workshop Leader

Measuring Electronic Journal Collections: A Homeric Struggle
Louana Anderson, Christie T. Degener and Yvonne W. Zhang
, Workshop Leaders

Providing Web-Based Listings of Electronic Journal Titles the Low-Maintenance Way; or, Automating Ourselves Out of a Job
Rob Withers and Rob Casson, Workshop Leaders

Michigan State University's Serials Journey: A Merry Little Spartan Tale of MARC Holdings
Wen-ying Lu and Allen Thunell, Workshop Leaders

From Reception to Inception: The Story of Journal of Social Structure
Erika Linke, Workshop Leader

Before You Cancel the Paper, Beware: All Electronic Journals in 2001 Are NOT Created Equal
Carolyn Henebry and Ellen Safley, Workshop Leaders

Tackling the Monolith: Licensing Management at the Consortial and Local Levels
Jill Emery and Renulfo Ramirez, Workshop Leaders

Creating a Technical Services Department Web Site: From Planning to Publishing
Evelyn Council and Jennifer Lang, Workshop Leaders

Serials Staffing for the 21st Century and Beyond
Faye R. Leibowitz, Workshop Leader

Jump Start Your Career in Library and Information Science
Steven J. Oberg and Priscilla K. Shontz, Workshop Leaders

Tact and Tenacity: Dealing with Difficult People at Work
Naomi Kietzke Young and Josephine Williamson, Workshop Leaders

Making the Move: Serials Issues in the Migration to a New Library Management System
Bill Kara and Lanell Rabner, Workshop Leaders

How to Give an Effective Presentation; or, Please Take the Mike Out of Your Mouth
Denise Novak, Workshop Leader

Poster Sessions