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NASIG 18th Annual Conference

Serials in the Park

June 26-29, 2003
Portland, Oregon


Conference Sessions 

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Preconference Programs

The "Seventy Percent Solution": Assessing Criteria
for Model Fund Allocations
Claudia Weston, Cyril Oberlander, Mary Ellen Kenreich,
Don Frank, Sarah Beasley
, Presenters

Cataloging Survival for Non-Catalogers, or You Thought
You Would Never Need to Catalog Again 

Karen Darling, Presenter

Plenary Sessions

Content Industry Outlook 2003: Asteroids That Are Changing
the Information Landscape
Leigh Watson Healy, Presenter

Town Hall Meeting 
Christa Easton, Facilitator

There Is No Forest, We're Only Hugging the Trees:
Nontraditional Ways of Acquiring, Providing Access to,
and Managing Serials 

Jill Emery, Rick Anderson, Adam Chesler,
Joan Conger, Ted Fons
, Presenters

Concurrent Sessions

The Information Resource Matrix: A Revolutionary Method
to Present Relationships Among Online Serial Objects
Carol Casey, Mark Jacobs, Lihong Zhu, Presenters

Serial Aggregations, Multiple Versions, and the Virtual
Union Catalog: The California Digital Library Catalog,
SUNY, and Ex Libris Experiences 

Michael Kaplan, Presenter

Finding a Better Trail Through the Journals Forest 
Timothy Gatti, Heather S. Miller, Presenters

Expose Yourself to Electronic Journals 
Jill Emery, Claire Ginn, Dan Tonkery, Presenters

The Digital Preservation Conundrum, Part 1 
Abby Smith,, Presenter

The Digital Preservation Conundrum, Part 2: Preservation
and Electronic-Archiving 

Eileen Gifford Fenton, Presenter

How Electronic Journals Are Changing Patterns of Use 
Peter Boyce, Donald W. King, Carol Montgomery,
Carol Tenopir
, Presenters

Usage Statistics: Taking E-Metrics to the Next Level 
Oliver Pesch, Presenter

Seeing the Forest and the Trees When Developing
a New Acquisitions System
Shelley Neville, Presenter

From Tiny Acorns to Great Oaks: Taking a Nationwide
Approach to Library Cooperation 

Pauline La Rooy, Presenter

Helping Manage the E-Journal Forest: Do You Need
an Agent Any More? Part 1 

Philip Wallas, Presenter

Helping Manage the E-Journal Forest: Do You Need
an Agent Any More? Part 2 

Stephen Bosch, Presenter

Hot Topics 
Keith Courtney, Miriam Gilbert, Michael Markwith,
Kim Maxwell
, Presenters


Case Studies in Electronic Serials Cataloging, or What Am I
Supposed to Do With This? 

Steve Shadle, Workshop Leader

Branching Out: The Importance of Networking in a Library

Jeff Slagell, Workshop Leader

Web-Based Trails and Cross-Campus Partnerships 
Sharon Elteto, Maggie McVay-Lynch, Workshop Leaders

From Catalogers to Ontologists: Changing Roles and Opportunities for Technical Services Librarians 
Nathan Rupp, Workshop Leader

Copyright Law: Fact or Fiction? 
Janice M. Krueger, Workshop Leader

Electronic Content: Is It Accessible to Clients with "Differabilities"? 
Cheryl Riley, Workshop Leader

Planning for New Growth in the Forest: Cultivating New Serialists for the Future 
Selden Durgom Lamoureux, Workshop Leader

When the Rug Comes Out from Under: Managing Change,
Technology, Information, and Staff 

Althea Aschmann, Workshop Leader

Tools for Tenure Trailblazing: Planning Productive Paths
for Green Serialists 

Claire Dygert, Markel Tumlin, Workshop Leaders

Policies and Procedures Manuals in Technical Services:
The Forest, the Trees, and the Critters 

Stephanie Schmitt, Workshop Leader

Paving the Way for Print Repositories Through Electronic

Mary Jo Zeter, Jeanne Drewes, Workshop Leaders

Reinventing Acquisitions with a "Forget-to-Do" List 
Ann McHugo, Carol Magenau, Workshop Leaders

Electronic Resource Management and the MARC Record:
The Road Less Traveled 

Paula Sullenger, Workshop Leader

From Survival Hike to a Walk in the Park: Training
Guideposts to Lead the Way 

Rene J. Erlandson, Workshop Leader

Starting with an Empty Map: Benchmarking Time and Costs
for Serials Operations 

Nancy Slight-Gibney, Mary Grenci, Workshop Leaders

Is It Working: Usage Data as a Tool for Evaluating the Success
of New Full-Text Title Access Methods 

Joanna Duy, Eric Pauley, Workshop Leaders

Using the Library's OPAC to Dynamically Generate Webpages
for E-Journals 

Kathryn Paul, Elena Romaniuk, Workshop Leaders

Keeping the Connection: Maintaining E-Journal Subscriptions 
Bill Kara, Christine Stamison, Workshop Leaders

Providing a Table-of-Contents Service to Faculty 
Madeleine Bombeld, Lynn R. Shay,, Workshop Leaders

Poster Sessions