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NASIG 19th Annual Conference

Growth Creativity and Collaboration:
Great Visions on a Great Lake

June 17-20, 2004
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Conference Sessions 

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Preconference Programs

Integrating Resources Cataloging Workshop
Steven J. Miller, Presenter

Serialist Boot Camp
Susan Davis, Beverley Geer, Presenters

Budgeting Lesson and Stories 
Nancy Slight-Gibney, Virginia Taffurelli, Mary Iber, Presenters

Vision Sessions

The Role of Libraries in the World, Role of the World in Libraries: An Interview with an Author
Matthew Battles, Adrian Alexander, Presenters

What's the Big Deal?
Kenneth Frazier, Presenter

What's the Big Deal? "Take 2" or, How to Make It Work for You
Loretta Ebert, Presenter

Alternative Publishing - Revolution to Evolution
Heather Joseph, Presenter

Alternative Scholarly Publishing: A Commercial Publisher's Perspective
John Tagler, Presenter

Strategy Sessions

The Economics of Scholarly Publishing: Through a Glass, Darkly
October Ivins, Presenter

How Journals Are Made: Real World Workflows, Real Work
Bill Kasdorf, Presenter

The Print/Electronic Tightrope: A Case Study in Publication Finances for a Medium-Sized Nonprofit Society
Keith L. Seitter, Presenter

Strategies: Top 8 List of How to Support Tier 3 Publishers
October Ivins, Bill Kasdorf, Keith L. Seitter, Presenters

Electronic Resource Management: The Quest for Systems and Standards
Timothy D. Jewell, Presenter

Quality in the Electronic Era
Michael Mabe, Presenter

Licensing Electronic Products at the American Psychological Association
Linda Beebe, Presenter

ACM's Experiences with Licensing Its Digital Library
Mark Mandelbaum, Presenter

Open Is as Open Does: Pulling Success Out of the Open Hat
Mark Leggott, Presenter

Proliferating Pricing Models
Janet Siar, Melanie Schaffner, Karla L. Hahn, Presenters

Hidden Costs of E-Journals
Rollo Turner, Presenter

Talk About Images and Issues of Professional Librarianship: Professional Reflections in Turbulent Waters
Jeff Slagell, Presenter

E-Journal Site Licensing and Consortia: The Not-for-Profit Publisher's Perspective
Mark Danderson, Presenter

Tactics Sessions

Are They Too Dynamic to Describe?
Bonnie Parks, Jian Wang, Presenters

Where Did That E-Journal Go? E-Journal Changes and Access Problems
Michael Markwith, Dana Ellen Antonucci-Durgan, Ugen Gombo, Presenters

Working Collaboratively with Vendors to Create the Products You Want: Smooth Sailing Ahead
Yvette Diven, Cathy Jones, Presenters

Faculty Collaboration in Serials Collection Development and Management: Great Visions of a Shrinking Lake
Sandhya D. Srivastava, Nancy Linden, Presenters

Nuts and Bolts of Linking: Understanding Context Sensitive Linking Services and Implementation
Rachel Frick, Cheri J. Duncan, Presenters

Floating Funds in a Shrinking Lake
Bridget Clark, Sharon McCaslin, Presenters

But Isn't It All Available for Free on the Web?
Leslie Horner Button, Presenter

ISSN: What Is It Good For?
Esther Simpson, Pamela Simpson, Presenters

Implementing a Serial Work in an Electronic Resources Management System
Kristin Antelman, Presenter

Comparing and Contrasting Serials in Public and Academic Libraries: How the Other Half Lives
Stephen Headley, Presenter

Making the Most of Your Usage Statistics
Abigail Bordeaux, Alfred B. Kraemer, Presenters

Creatively Coping with Your Subscription Agent's Bankruptcy
Vanessa West, Sue Wiegand, Presenters

Serials Standards: Envisioning a Solution to the Online Serials Management Mess
Theodore Fons, Regina Romano Reynolds, Presenters

E-Journal Management and Access Methods
Bobby Bothmann, Melissa Holmberg, Presenters

How to Be a Good Customer: Building and Maintaining Productive Relationships with Vendors
Rick Anderson, Jane F. White, Presenters

Marketing Models of Assortment Planning-Applicable to Serials?
Steve Black, Presenter

Using Collaboration to Counteract Inertia in a Small Library
Julia B. Dickinson, Sarah E. George, Presenters

After the License Is Signed: Collaboration to Resolve License Breaches
Ellen Finnie Duranceau, Deanna Graham, Stephen Martin, Presenters

Developing a Distributed Print Depository System: Challenges and Opportunities
Barbara DesRosiers, Melissa Trevvett, Presenters


Evidence Based Development
Ginny Hendricks, Amy E. Knapp

Hien Nguyen

Periodical Subscriptions and Cancellations: E-Format Adds Complexity
Chandra Prabha

Bringing Open Access Journals into the Catalog
Anna Hood

To Index or Not to Index: User Impacts of the 760-787 Linking Notes
Jim Latchney

Evaluating Electronic Database Journal Coverage
Holly Eggleston

Quest for a Centralized E-Journals Access Management System at UNR
Paoshan W. Yue

Content Overlap Among the Elsevier Subject Backfile Collections
Gary Ives