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NASIG 20th Annual Conference

May 19-22, 2005
Minneapolis, Minnesota 


NASIG's 20th Anniversary History

Conference Proceedings (members only)

Conference Sessions
(note: these are sessions based on the Conference Proceedings and may not include all programming)

Preconference Programs
Serials Holdings Workshop
Catherine Nelson and Julie Su, Presenters
Serials Esperanto: Helping Librarians, Vendors and Publishers Understand Each Other
Adam Chesler, Phil Greene, and Kim Maxwell, Presenters
How to Avoid Death by Meeting: Strategies for Better Meetings
Betty J. Kjellberg, Presenter
Vision Sessions
Chaotic Transitions: How Today's Trends Will Affect Tomorrow's Libraries
Marshall Keys, Presenter
Painting America Purple: Media Democracy and the Red/Blue Divide
Leif Utne, Presenter
Strategy Sessions
Access to Scholarly Literature: Publishing for an Extended Readership
John Cox, Presenter
Identifiers in Libraries: ISSN Revision Unique
Regina Romano Reynolds, Presenter
FRBR and Serials: An Overview and Analysis
Steve Shadle, Presenter
Negotiation for the Rest of Us
Joan E. Conger, Presenter
CROSSREF: From Linking to Cross-Provider Search
Amy Brand, Presenter
Cross-Provider Search: New Standards for Metasearch
Jenny Walker, Presenter
Serials Industry: Truth or Dare
Dena Schoen, Julia Gammon, Zac Rolnik, and Bob Schatz, Panelists
Ensuring Consistent Usage Statistics, Part 1: Project COUNTER
Oliver Pesch, Presenter
Ensuring Consistent Usage Statistics, Part 2: Working with Use Data for Electronic Journals
Alfred Kraemer, Presenter
Talk About: E-Resources Librarian to the Rescue? Creating the Über Librarian: Turning Model Job Descriptions into Practical Positions
Katy Ginanni, Presenter
"We Own It": Dealing with "Perpetual Access" in Big Deals
Andrew Waller and Gwen Bird, Presenters
If We Build It, Will They Come (Eventually)? Scholarly Communication and Institutional Repositories
Carol Hixson, Presenter
Tactics Sessions
Using Customer-Service Software to Manage Serials Online Access Issues
Carol Ann Borchert, Presenter
Metadata Management Design
Nathan Rupp, Presenter
Beyond Article Linking: Using OpenURL in Creative Ways
Morag Boyd and Sandy Roe, Presenters
Binding Journals in Tight Times: Mind the Budget
Lucy Duhon and Jeanne Langendorfer, Presenters
A Collaborative Checklist for E-Journal Access
Rocki Strader, Alison Roth, and Bob Boissy, Presenters
Issues in Scholarly Communications: Creating a Campus-Wide Dialog
Jennifer Duncan, William Walsh, and Tim Daniels, Presenters
Adding Value to the Catalog in an Open Access World
Anna Hood, Presenter
Collection Development in Public Libraries
Tina Herman Buck, William Walsh, Stephen Headley, and Abby Schor, Presenters
Challenges of Off-Site Library Storage Facilities: Cataloging, Access and Management of Off-Site Serials
Susan Currie, Sarah Corvene, and Zoe Stewart-Marshall, Presenter
The Big E-Package Deals: Smoothing the Way Through Subscription Agents
Tina Feick and Gary Ives, Presenter
Subscription Cancellation Projects: How to Quiet Some of the Roar
Clint Chamberlain and Beatrice Caraway, Presenter
Examining Workflows and Redefining Roles: Auburn University and The College of New Jersey
Jia Mi and Paula Sullenger, Presenter
AACR3 Is Coming. What Is It?
Paul J. Weiss, Presenter
Tracking Usage of E-Government Publications
Susan L. Kendall and Celia Bakke, Presenter
Do You See RSS in Your Future?
Paoshan Yue and Araby Greene, Presenter
Analyzing How Much Publisher Packages Are Worth?
Nancy Macomber, Presenter
Presentations That Keep Your Audience Interested and Awake
Beth Bernhardt, Presenter
The RFP Process at the University of Memphis: A Work in Progress
Elizabeth McDonald, Presenter
Poster Sessions
Developing A Customized Database System For Managing Electronic Resources
Maggie Wineburgh-Freed, Janis F. Brown, and Janet L. Nelson
Electronic Or Paper Format? Issues Influencing Decisions
Michelle Grace and Victoria Peters
De-stressing For Serialists
Wendy Baia
Using Innovative Interface's Millennium Software, Excel And Old Fashioned Teamwork To Change Serials Vendors
Kathy Kobyljanec
SUNCAT: Building A Serials Union Catalog For The UK
Liz Stevenson
Moving E-Serial Holdings And URLS Out Of The Catalog Using SFX
Jonathan David Makepeace
E-Journal Training In A Time-Crunch: A Template To Re-Tool Acquisitions/Serials Departments
Wendy Highby

Tracking And "Check In" Of Electronic Journals: A Homegrown Solution
Amanda Yesilbas