• Meets prior to conference
  • Assists CPC in any way needed
  • Writes formal thank you letters to assigned committee chairs and other volunteers as appropriate for service during past year
  • Selects sites from Site Selection report for the Site Selection Coordinator to prepare full checklists and visit
  • Chair Board meeting
  • At Conference: 1) Preside at conference opening; 2) Chair annual business meeting; 3) Preside at award ceremony; 4) Officially turn over care of organization to Vice President at closing
  • Writes letters of appreciation to outgoing committee chairs and outgoing Board members/officers
Past President
  • Give copy of President's manual to new Vice President
  • Provide CPC designee with finalized list of sponsors & wrap-up any signage & recognition plans
  • Provide president with information necessary to
    recognize sponsors at the opening ceremony
Vice President
  • Close conference; is now the President!
  • Report selected business from June Board meeting at annual business meeting
  • Take minutes at annual business meeting and send them and the Board meeting minutes to the Newsletter Editor-in-Chief after review process (Aug. 1 deadline)
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Update NASIG Working Calendar
  • Meet with D&D chair to go over plans for renewals
  • Treasurer (or new Treasurer, if applicable) meets with Vice President
  • Touch base with CPC chair(s) in regard to closing conference finances
All committees
  • Meet at conference in open session
  • All committee chairs, including Archivist, attend the Training for Committees and the Committee Chairs Meeting.
  • Chairs write thank you letters to committee members
  • LSOC confirms if Ambassadors would like to continue their school assignments for the following year
  • Set up schedule for registration/information desks
  • Prepare conference packet
  • Chair(s) meets with Board at Board meeting
  • Coordinates all activities during conference
  • Confirm Vendor Expo and Sponsorship logistics and final information with Past President and President
  • Coordinate all logistics of conference, including Dine Arounds, Fun Run
  • Confirm food and beverage orders, AV orders and special event logistics
  • Attend board meeting for CPC report
  • Monitor set up and resolve issues with Vendor Expo
  • Staff conference information and registration desk
  • Offer local and logistical guidance to attendees
  • Monitor meeting room set ups and conference logistics
  • Collect badges at end of closing session for final drawing
  • Send out monthly invoices, process renewals and send out reports as appropriate. 
  • Provide assistance and/or upload conference handout
  • Conduct chairs and web liaisons orientation session at the conference
  • Work with PPC chair(s) to determine how speakers should request evaluation results so that this information can be included in thank you letters
  • Prepare special committee reports issue if annual reports were not published in the May issue 
  • Attend speakers' meeting where you will address the group. See Proceedings Editors' Manual for talking points
  • Attend the Business Meeting where you will be introduced
  • Bring digital audio-recorders to conference and coordinate the recording of vision (and other) sessions
  • PPC meets at Annual Conference
  • Send thank you letters to speakers
  • Send thank you letters to outgoing PPC members
  • Main committee listserv is set up and tested with new members
  • Chair(s) meets with Board at Board meeting
  • Organize and co-chair speakers' meeting (Proceedings Editors should be invited to attend)