• Request/review accountant's summary report for previous year and distribute to Board
  • Review and sign tax forms or ensure that Treasurer has done this
  • Receive committees' annual reports
  • Send agenda and packets for June/Conference Board meeting to Board members and new Board members
  • Work with CPC and Treasurer to close registration
  • Ensure that the Vice President is prepared to chair the Committee Chairs meeting at the conference (an agenda for the meeting is outlined in the President's Manual)
  • Send thank you letters to outgoing Committee Chairs
Vice President
  • Send complete committee list and Board Liaison assignments to CC to update NASIGNET
  • Lead theme discussion for next conference
  • Send message to incoming co-chairs inviting them to Committee Chairs meeting at the conference
  • Send appointment letters to incoming committee members and chairs
Past President
  • Provide CPC designee with finalized list of sponsors & wrap-up any signage & recognition plans
  • Provide president with information necessary to recognize sponsors at the opening ceremony
  • Upload agenda and committee reports & other documents for June/Conference Board meeting to Board space & make sure all current contracts & standing documents are up-to-date
  • Send list of Board members for next year to next year's Board
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Update NASIG Working Calendar
  • Submit documentation to NASIG accountant for tax preparation
  • Tax forms due: must be signed by President or self
  • Prepare financial statement for conference packet and June/Conference Board meeting
  • Work with CPC and President to close registration and see President and Vice President have summary
  • Coordinate with CPC chair(s) to handle receipts from conference souvenirs
  • Each liaison will work with the incoming committee to have a web liaison for each committee.  That person will need to attend the training being offered by CC during the conference to see how to use the new website and use the administrative functions available.  Date and time for this session will be announced.  Each committee should have a person dedicated to monitoring the Discussion Forums and help drive discussion and topics to keep members informed and connected.
  • Work with Site Selection to prepare information and recommendation for board on possible sites for conference location
  • Prepare report for June board meeting with Site Selection
  • Work with CPC as needed during conference and post conference billing review
All committees
  • Send email copy of annual report to President, Newsletter Editor-in-Chief and Board Liaison, as well as a print copy to the Archivist, by May 1. If an additional report is needed to account for activities and discussion items after May 1, send it to the Board Liaison before the June/Conference Board meeting
  • Participate in theme discussion for next conference" to CPC's list, for Next year's conference co-chairs (also add to PPC -- taken from Vice President's tasks)
  • Work with President and Treasurer to close registration and send summary to President and Vice President
  • Gather local information (restaurants, tour sites, churches)
  • Prepare signage
  • Send Proceedings Editors list of preconference and workshop attendees for selection of recorders (to be done as early in the month as possible)
  • Work with PPC and Proceedings Editors to organize and co-chair speakers' meeting
  • Send information regarding registration size for workshops and concurrents to PPC
  • Send PPC chair(s) list of workshop attendees for selection of introducers (to be done as early in the month as possible)
  • Work with PPC to schedule rooms for informal discussion groups and user groups
  • Work with Secretary to arrange display table for Professional Liaisons literature
  • Prepare documents for conference packet: 1) List of informal discussion groups - get information from PPC; 2) List of committee meetings; 3) List of Board members, current year and coming year - get information from President; 4) Call for nominations form - get from N&E
  • Send information about committee meetings to NASIG-L
  • Work with PPC and Proceedings Editors to prepare agenda for speakers' meeting
  • Attend preconference logistics meeting at hotel
  • Confirm food and beverage orders with board liaison and conference coordinator
  • Confirm AV orders with hotel
  • Confirm special venue logistics
  • Confirm Vendor Expo and Sponsorship logistical needs, signage, etc. with Past President and Treasurer
  • Confirm Opening Session, Business Meeting and other special meetings with President
  • Add room designations to  Master Schedule for entire conference
  • Confirm information needed for packets and have copies made for packets
  • Confirm logistics for drawing for next year?s conference registration as a fund raiser
  • Confirm special needs with hotel and special venue
  • Confirm volunteer assignments
  • Distribute final conference information to membership with assistance of CC/Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
  • Registrar confirms registrations and onsite registration process
  • Chair for NEXT YEAR'S CONFERENCE submits preliminary budget for June/Conference Board meeting (due May 15)
  • Send out monthly invoices, process renewals and send out reports as appropriate.  
  • Prepare program committee chairs and website liaisons orientation session at the annual conference
  • Ask D&D to create a dummy username and password for non-conference attendees to access conference evaluations
  • Publish May issue on blog and NASIGWeb
  • Chair reviews the N&E Manual and NASIG Working Calendar and makes any necessary updates
  • Contact the CPC's audio-visual liaison to coordinate the recording of the vision sessions at the conference
  • Send out information to introducers
  • Set speaker meeting agenda
  • Send out reimbursement forms to speakers
  • Distribute information on electronic handouts
  • Final contact with speakers
  • Submit Newsletter article to Editor
  • Send information about informal discussion groups to NASIG-L
  • Invitations for speakers breakfast - 10 days before conference
  • Table assignments - Speakers Breakfast
  • Bios to introducers
  • Get list of presenters who have not registered from registrar/contact liaisons
Site Selection
  • Prepare report for President which narrows site selection to no more than six possible sites; Board will review this document at June/Conference Board meeting and new President will ask Site Selection Coordinator to complete the full checklists and visit sites along with Vice President