• Request chairs/liaisons to collaborate on annual committee reports due May 1 to Board Liaison, President, Newsletter Editor-in-Chief, and Archivist
  • Review Strategic Plan activities
  • Submit President's Corner (due May 1)
  • Check with CPC to see if any additional/last minute revisions needed regarding travel/conference arrangements
  • Prepare agenda for business meeting and post to Membership one month before conference  
Past President
  • Work with President and Vice President to gather names of outgoing officers, Board, committee chairs and recipients of special awards ( May 1 deadline)
Vice President
  • Request CC to add new Board members to board-l; send announcement to Board list and to new officers and Board members welcoming those newly elected; make sure that new Board members know that they are invited to attend the June/Conference Board meeting and provide them with necessary details
  • Request CC to add incoming CPC to CPC discussion list
  • Appoint committee chairs for next year
  • Talk to Board members and officers for the following year about possible liaison assignments
  • Make committee appointments (volunteer forms due to Vice President by April 1) and invite new committee members to attend committee meetings at conference
  • Get list of new committee chairs and committee members to D&D (due May 1)
  • Get call for papers to PPC to begin to distribute
  • Work with President and Past President to gather names of outgoing officers, Board, committee chairs and recipients of special awards (May 1 deadline)
  • Send welcome letters to newly elected Board members
  • Send list of officers/Board members to CC, D&D 
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Update NASIG Working Calendar
  • Keep President and Board updated on registration progress
  • Keep in touch with CPC and PPC chair(s) weekly in regard to any financial problems or questions for the conference
  • Liaisons should remind their committees to submit announcements for "What's New"
  • Compile responses to RFP and communicate information to Site Selection Committee
  • Supply additional information as requested
  • Approach outgoing committee chairs and officers for relevant files to add to NASIG archives
  • Deadline to notify grant and award recipients
  • Finalize travel arrangements for grant and award recipients
  • Prepare conference evaluation form
  • Contact non-recipients as early as possible
  • Arrange for AV in coordination with PPC
  • Select/appoint committee members in consultation with Vice President
  • Incoming CPC co-chairs assigned by Vice President/President Elect
  • Incoming co-chairs shadow CPC listserv
  • Confirm Vendor Expo and Sponsorship logistics with Past President
  • Issue publicity with assistance of CC/Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
  • Consult with PPC on Speakers Breakfast logistics
  • Confirm conference evaluation process with E&A
  • Verify any logistical needs of Proceedings Editors
  • Confirm information for Conference Packets for attendees
  • Review any special needs (ADA, dietary, etc.)
  • Coordinate Dine Arounds
  • Advertise any special events, possible tours, Dine Arounds, local happenings to membership
  • Supply weekly reports to board on conference registrations and hotel registrations
  • Coordinate with A & R for award logistics
  • Consult with CC/Marketing & Social Media Coordinator on conference PR
  • Confirm Poster & Message board needs & check with hotel/AV provider for ordering information
  •  Send out monthly billing, process renewals, send reports as appropriate.  
  • Send Mid-year Report to Board Liaison and Newsletter Editor-in-Chief (due April 1)
  • Mount proceedings files provided by Proceeding Editors on the Conference Proceedings website
  • Post deadline for May issue to chairs-l and board-l
  • Gather submissions and prepare May issue
  • Review any challenges to election
  • Submit annual report
  • Chair removes all members' access to shared Google Docs folder and deletes confidential files
  • Chair requests that the link on the NASIG website to candidate information from the completed election be made inactive
  • Obtain PDF copies of the Proceedings for Taylor & Francis and send to the CC to post on the NASIG website
  • Notify Taylor & Francis of any changes to the Proceedings editorial team
  • Review recorder applications and make assignments. Contact successful and unsuccessful applicants. Send author guidelines, copyright form, and other information to recorders and to speakers who will be writing their own papers. See Proceedings Editors' Manual for more information
  • Remind speakers to purchase airline tickets
  • Reminder Call for Informal Discussion Groups
  • Create and send out Informal Discussion Group Survey to membership
  • Notify Informal Discussion Group facilitators results of the survey
  • Request room assignments from CPC
  • Submit information for conference packets to CPC
  • Ask for updated bios from speakers
  • Match up introducers for sessions
Site Selection
  • Continue to work on preliminary checklists