• Liaisons review committee charges with committee chairs and submit revised charges to Vice President/President Elect by Mar. 1
  • Attend UKSG conference (usually in April)
  • Send call for parliamentarian to Membership 
  • Consult with Conference Coordinator to revise the conference room block & sign any site contract addendum needed to make necessary changes
Vice President
  • Review proceedings contract; if contract is up for rebidding, work with Board to select a publisher for next proceedings (usually done approximately every 3 years)
  • Confirm committee reappointments with chairs/liaisons
  • Send committee rosters and chairs list to D&D (May 1 deadline)
  • Appoint committee chairs for next year
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Update NASIG Working Calendar
  • Begin collecting registration monies and forwarding registration forms to conference registrar
All Committees
  • Prepare annual reports for President, Newsletter Editor-in-Chief, Board Liaison, and Archivist (due May 1).  Exceptions are CPC, E&A, Mentoring and PPC. Please use the report template.
  • Deadline for applications is Mar. 1 (some years has been Feb. 15)
  • Chair copies applications and mails to committee members
  • Committee members review applications and make preliminary selection; then final selection
  • Deal with registration
  • Begin to finalize certain arrangements (food, entertainment, etc.)
  • Confirm with PPC and Proceedings Editors any logistical needs
  • Determine volunteer needs and start solicitation for volunteers
  • Determine needs for NASIG office during conference and start compiling information
  • Review needs of Fun Run
  • Consult with CC/Marketing & Social Media Coordinator on conference PR needs
  • Confirm logistical needs with A&R
  • Check with President on distribution of special concessions
  • Confirm local information needs with Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Supply weekly reports to board on conference registrations and hotel registrations
  • Update membership information for directory and be prepared to dump and edit membership database and indexes Apr. 15
  • Prepare mid-year report (due April 1)
  • Publish Mar. issue
  • Online ballot is closed
  • Election results are tabulated and verified
  • Chair calls winning candidates to confirm acceptance then calls other candidates
  • Election results are emailed to committee and board liaison forwards to the board as a courtesy
  • Election results are announced to the general NASIG membership
  • Review proofs when sent from publisher (dates may vary). Compile list of corrections for publisher
  • After conference program is published, send call for recorders via blast message, the What's New page, the NASIG blog, and NASIG-L
  • PPC should send spreadsheet with conference programs, presenters, contact information, and information on whether a recorder is needed and if the content has been published or is planned for publication
  • Review NASIG Working Calendar
  • Review NASIG Committee Chairs Manual
  • Send out a reminder on Call for Great Ideas Showcase
  • Select Great Ideas proposals and if needed send out rejection letters
  • Send out call for Informal Discussion Groups
  • Send out registration instructions to speakers
  • Send out handout instructions to speakers
  • Ask for volunteers to introduce sessions
Site Selection
  • Review potential sites in assigned region
  • Collect information on those sites and begin preliminary site selection checklists