• Contact committee chairs to share Board decisions from midwinter Board meeting and discuss action items
  • Review officer descriptions in the directory/online and send to Vice-President by Mar. 1
  • Prepare President's Corner (due Mar. 1)
  • Review minutes
  • Follow up on action items from midwinter meeting & hold board phone call as necessary
  • Work with Vice President and Site Selection Coordinator to start site selection process for future conferences, if applicable
  • Before the 20th of the month, provide ASA with a briefing covering key NASIG activities and developments, to be featured in the news section of the ASA website and in ASA News
Vice President
  • Review minutes
  • Remind liaisons to review committee charges with their chairs and submit any revised charges to the Vice President by Mar. 1
  • Send revised committee charges to D&D by Mar. 8
Past President
  • Review minutes
  • Work with CPC designate to coordinate CPC budgetary needs to line-up amounts with costs incurred, develop signage, & recognition plan of known sponsors as well as get .gifs loaded on conference website  
  • Prepare minutes from Board meeting, send first draft to President, Vice President and Past President to review; 2nd draft to Board for review and final copy to Newsletter Editor-in-Chief (May 1 deadline)
  • Send key action items and due dates to Board list ASAP
  • Remind President to appoint a search committee for the Archivist if needed
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Update NASIG Working Calendar
  • Issue RFP for next conference location
All committees
  • Committee chairs review committee charges with liaisons; liaisons will submit revised charges to the Vice President by Mar. 1
  • Send second letters, announcements and student grant application forms to deans of schools of library and information science and other contacts
  • Post conference information on NASIG-L and other electronic discussion lists/newsletters
  • Work with Past President on Vendor Expo and Sponsorship logistics and website needs
  • Work with PPC, President and A&R to verify list of NASIG paid rooms for conference
  • Review Opening Session logistics with President and A&R
  • Confirm off site logistics for any special events
  • Supply weekly registration reports to the board on conference registrations and hotel registrations
  • Obtain list of award winners from A&R for Registrar
  • Notify President, Vice-President, Secretary, CC that directory information is due May 1
  • Receive revised committee charges from Vice President by Mar. 8
  • Review web editing rights for CPC and PPC to make sure that the appropriate committee members can update the conference website
  • Invite CPC and PPC co-chairs to act as editors of the NASIG blog
  • Work on March issue
  • Petition candidate profiles (if any) are verified and prepared for mounting
  • Online ballot is prepared
  • Ballot is made available to membership and ballot announcement sent
  • Incoming editor(s) are selected, under the direction of the Board Liaison
  • Send copies of copyright forms to NASIG Archivist.
  • Review proofs when sent from Taylor & Francis (dates may vary). Compile list of corrections for publisher
  • Review and revise Proceedings Editors' Manual. Send to Board Liaison for approval and post new version to committee website
  • Send out Call for Great Ideas Showcase
  • Write up call for Discussion Groups
  • Establish deadlines for handouts with CPC
  • Confirm all reimbursement information with speakers
  • Test the online registration system
  • Write up registration instructions
  • Submit hotel information to whoever will be handling hotel arrangements (check with Board liaison)
  • Send registration reimbursement information to Registrar
  • Send Treasurer reimbursement information for all speakers
  • Submit Newsletter article to Editor
  • Revise survey in Survey Monkey