• Attend midwinter Board meeting at ALA (sometimes in Feb.)
  • Reviews final conference budget and confirms registration fees
  • Prepare and mail agenda/packets to Board
  • Chair Board meeting (sometimes in Feb.)
  • Work with Vice President to select CPC chair(s) for next conference
Vice President
  • Prep call for volunteers announcement for March Newsletter (Feb. 1 deadline)
  • Send NASIG-L message: Call for Volunteers
  • 2nd review of registration brochure (if necessary)
Past President
  • 2nd review of registration brochure (if necessary)
  • Work with CPC designate to coordinate CPC budgetary needs to line-up amounts with costs incurred, develop signage, & recognition plan of known sponsors as well as get .gifs loaded on conference website  
  • Send electronic files of the Board's packet of information to the Archives
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Update NASIG Working Calendar
  • 2nd review of registration brochure (if necessary)
  • Coordinate with CPC, Conference Hotel liaison and PPC on this year's process for compiling list of hotel rooms to be paid for by NASIG and how information should be relayed to conference hotel
  • Each liaison should work with committee co-chairs to insure that the Committee Chairs Leadership Document is being followed
  • Liaisons should remind their committees to submit announcements for "What's New"
  • Prepare report for Jan. board meeting
  • Ask for guidance from the board on next conference site and if a RFP should be issued in Feb./Mar.
  • Assist CPC in any conference items as needed
  • Confirm Opening Session speaker with President
All Committees
  • Write a report for the NASIG Board's ALA Mid-winter meeting. Your Board Liaison will request this from you. See Appendix I for sample reports, and use the Committee Report Template
  • Prepare report for Jan. board meeting
  • Submit detailed conference budget
  • Co-chairs attend Jan. board meeting
  • Verify information on draft registration form
  • Confirm final conference costs with board
  • Plan Spring workshop(s)
  • Update E&A committee website, email address and listserv to reflect new committee assignments
  • Send message to E&A committee chairs reminding them to review their committee homepages and to test their listservs and/or email addresses to ensure that they are working properly
  • Check Dec. Newsletter for end-of-year budget figures from Treasurer's Report for NASIG History
  • Gather submissions for Mar. issue
  • Post deadline for Mar. issue to chairs-l and board-l (Apr. 1)
  • Conference call to set the slate
  • Nominees notified of status (slated or not)
  • Finalized slate is emailed to committee and board liaison forwards to board as a courtesy
  • Slate announced to general membership
  • Call for petition candidates
  • Chair prepares public nominee profiles and forwards profiles to CC for mounting
  • Submit papers, front matter, copyright forms, and other information to Taylor & Francis (see Proceedings Editors' Manual for instructions).
  • Send thank you e-mails and compile complimentary copies list
  • Submit Winter board report
  • Attend Winter board meeting
  • Submit names of speakers and sessions to CC, CPC (include abstracts), E&A, Proceedings editors, and the Board
  • Submit speaker room needs to CPC
  • Write up call for Great Ideas Showcase
  • Begin putting information into program on website
  • Revise survey in Survey Monkey