• Attend Fall Board meeting (scheduled for October or November)
  • Chair Board meeting (may be held in November)
  • Remind VP to begin recruitment for E&A Co-Chair & committee members & include call in newsletter blog
Vice President
  • Coordinate final site selection report with Site Selection Coordinator
  • Prep call for volunteer announcement for Dec. Newsletter (Nov. 1 deadline)
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Begin making arrangements for midwinter Board meeting
  • Send electronic files of the Board's packet of information to the Archives
  • Update NASIG Working Calendar
  • Liaisons should remind their committees to submit announcements for "What's New"
  • Attend fall board meeting to assist in Site Selection report and CPC report
  • If there is an incoming Conference Coordinator start transition discussions for the year
  • Negotiate contract with selected city
All committees
  • Submit budget requests to Treasurer, President, and Board Liaison by Oct. 1
  • Send grant and award announcements and applications to Newsletter Editor-in-Chief for December issue (Nov. 1 deadline)
  • Work with CC to post grant and award announcements and applications to NASIG-L and NASIGWeb
  • Co-chairs attend Fall Board meeting (scheduled for October or November)
  • Continue work on souvenir selection
  • Add to conference website as possible and respond to conference questions
  • Confirm registration process, reports, printing and deadlines  with PPC and Treasurer
  • Confirm deadlines for website information with PPC and start design of registration form
  • Consult with CC/Marketing & Social Media Coordinator on conference PR needs
  • Prepare article for Dec. Newsletter, due Nov. 1
  • Investigate local tour information to post to website
  • Coordinate with PPC on AV issues, forms  and deadlines
  • Discuss Opening Session local speaker suggestions with President
  • Send out renewals by Oct. 1 with Nov. 15 deadline; update database as renewals are received
  • Review E&A Manual for revisions
  • Review CC Manual Wiki for additions and revisions
  • Work with Newsletter Committee regarding sponsor advertising
  • Post deadline for Dec. issue to chairs-l and board-l (Nov. 1)
  • Gather submissions for Dec. issue (Nov. 1 deadline)
  • Editor attends Fall Board meeting (scheduled for October or November)
  • Deadline for submitting nominations
  • Chair prepares master nominee spreadsheet and prescreens for obvious eliminations such as Nominations and Elections committee members or a current Member at Large nominated for Member at Large again
  • Chair forwards complete list of nominees to D&D to ensure nominees are current members
  • First conference call is held to go over process and distribute nominees for initial contact
  • Contact nominees for profiles
  • Chair receives and manages profiles as they are submitted
  • Continue the editing process, referring to the Proceedings Editors' Manual as needed
  • Contact Taylor & Francis about the deadline for submitting the papers
  • Distribute and vote on proposals and ideas from First Call for Proposals
  • Write up and submit Second Call for Proposals (submission through CC/Marketing & Social Media Coordinator)
  • Submit Fall Board report
  • Attend Fall Board meeting
  • Finalize conference schedule
  • Vision speaker suggestions to Board
  • Vision speaker offer letters