• Remind committee chairs/liaisons that budget request forms will be due by Oct. 1 (send copies of request to Board Liaison, President and Treasurer).  Committee liaisons solicit reports from all committees, to be submitted at least three weeks prior to fall Board meeting
  • Call for agenda items for Fall Board meeting
  • Confirm arrangements for Fall Board meeting
  • Prepare agenda
  • Work with Treasurer to prepare annual budget
Past President
  • Confer with N&E chair about procedures
  • Confirm Vendor Expo set up with CPC as needed
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Begin making arrangements for Fall Board meeting
  • Update NASIG Working Calendar
  • Send budget request forms and previous year's committee expense reports to committee chairs
  • Consult with committee chairs about new year's budget
  • Consult with PPC and PPC Board Liaison about speaker expenses budget
  • Work with President to prepare annual budget and review actual expenses from previous year
  • Prepare financial report for Fall meeting
  • Work with CC to determine if contract for NASIGNET ISP will be renewed
  • Check on VeriSign certificate status at the end of September/early October


  • Work with Site Selection Committee on report for fall board meeting on outcome and review from site visits
  • Work with CPC on logistical issues for upcoming conference and any contract negotiations
All committees
  • Consult with Treasurer and committee members about new year's budget (due Oct. 1)
  • Finalize and submit reports for fall Executive Board meeting.  Please use the Update Template for written reports
  • Submit information on committee budget as instructed by Treasurer
  • Café Press souvenir set up begins
  • Investigate logistical issues of Vendor Expo and communicate with Past President
  • Consult with PPC and Board on conference schedule
  • Prepare comprehensive report for fall board, including detailed conference budget
  • Co-chairs and Board Liaison will review level of and satisfaction from website and listserv/email address provider and initiate any necessary changes in consultation with Board Liaison (and Treasurer, if applicable)
  • Ask D&D committee to take down dummy username and password for non-conference attendees to access conference handouts and evaluations
  • Publish Sept. issue on blog and NASIGWeb 
  • Send email blast to membership soliciting nominations
  • Have CC/Marketing & Social Media Coordinator send out a reminder about the Call for Proposals
  • Review conference evaluations
  • Submit PPC Budget
  • Discuss speaker budget with PPC liaison
  • Continue the editing process, referring to the Proceedings Editors' Manual as needed.