• President should review the Strategic Plan periodically throughout the year. (All Board Liaisons and committee chairs should also review the document periodically throughout the year.)
  • Incoming President sets timetable for Board Liaison reports
  • Review draft of Board minutes
  • Follow up on action items from June Board meeting
  • Receive conference theme from CPC and forward to board for review. Instruct CPC to begin work on conference logo
  • Write to publisher requesting that the annual payment be sent to the current Treasurer
  • Call for agenda items from board members for July/Aug conference call, when applicable.
  • Work with Secretary on agenda for conference call and send to board.
Vice President
  • Work with CC to update committee volunteer form on NASIGWeb
  • Review draft of Board minutes
Past President
  • Work with N&E Committee to start the process
  • Write proceedings publisher about change of President and Board Liaison, if applicable
  • Review draft of Board minutes
  • Send thank-you notes to organizational sponsors
  • Begin process of identifying organizational sponsors for the next annual conference
  • Coordinate with CPC Co-chairs and Conference Coordinator on Organizational Sponsorship and Vendor Expo set up and logistics
  • Prepare minutes of the Board meeting and of the annual business meeting and send first draft to President, Past President, Vice President for review; second draft to Board for review and final copy to Newsletter Editor-in-Chief (Aug. 1 deadline)
  • Send action items and due dates to Board list ASAP
  • Keep track of any Board decisions made via board-l; these will be added to next minutes
  • Send electronic files of the Board's packet of information to the Archives (or send files via email)
  • Begin to wrap up conference finances
  • Get bank signature card for incoming President
  • Work with D&D to revise membership renewal form
  • All Board Liaisons and committee chairs should review the Strategic Plan periodically throughout the year to insure compliance and progress
  • All Board Liaisons should remind their committee chairs to submit announcements for "What's New"
  • Each liaison should work with committee co-chairs to insure that the Committee Chairs Leadership Development documents is being followed
  • Work with sites selected at June board meeting to set up site visits.  Coordinate with Site Selection Committee in the site visit planning
  • Work with CPC on any logistical issues for the coming year's conference
  • Assist in fall board meeting logistics and any needed contract negotiations
All committees
  • All committee chairs should review the Strategic Plan periodically throughout the year to insure compliance and progress
  • Review the content of the Committee's list archives to determine if any need to be retained when CC purges the list archives in a few weeks
  • Follow up with student grant recipients on reports for newsletter (Aug. 1 deadline)
  • Outgoing CPC works with Treasurer to wrap up conference finances
  • Outgoing CPC works with Board Liaison to review CPC manual, make revisions and updates, add new sample forms etc. for next CPC Chair (Aug. 1 deadline)
  • Incoming chair(s) consult with PPC about conference site: physical facilities, distances, AV, time limitations, etc.; discuss schedule goals with PPC chair(s)
  • Incoming co-chairs makes committee task assignments
  • Incoming co-chairs should consult with outgoing CPC on technical specifications of the logo before a designer is consulted
  • Incoming co-chairs coordinate with Past President on Organizational Sponsorship and Vendor Expo
  • Incoming co-chairs start theme and logo discussions with PPC and board. Theme and logo must be completed ASAP to allow for conference publicity, PPC postings and website design
  • Approved theme is used to have conference logo created for discussion and board approval
  • Post conference date, location and hotel information to conference website by July 1
  • Review Annual Conference tab on NASIG website for revision and updating
  • Consult  with CC/Marketing & Social Media Coordinator on conference PR process
  • Incoming co-chairs should have an indepth conversation with conference hotel on meeting space availability, meeting logistics, meeting schedules, deadlines and processes for room reservations. This should happen before conference schedule is started
  • Work with Treasurer to revise membership renewal form
  • Send CC list coordinator printouts or electronic files: (1) of all non-renewals; and (2) all current members. Listings to include name, institutional/organizational affiliation, and e-addresses
  • Update executive board, committee/task force websites, email addresses and listservs to reflect new officers and committee assignments. Deadline: 4-6 weeks after conference
  • Update website (CMS rights for board and committee members)
  • Send message to all committee chairs reminding them to review their committee homepages and to test their listservs and/or email addresses to ensure that they are working properly
  • Assist Nominations & Elections in setting up nomination submission form and in retrieving nominations
  • Call for conference photos to be added to photo sharing tool (e.g. Flickr)
  • Update the historical data on the History page
  • Tabulate data and prepare report for Board and newsletter (Aug. 1 deadline--may be difficult to meet, so may have to aim for Nov. 1 deadline for December newsletter)
  • Publish special issue if committee annual reports were not published in the May issue 
  • Decide on publication cycle for the year (4 issues or 5)
  • Post deadline for Sept. issue to chairs-l and board-l (Aug. 1)
  • Gather submissions for Sept. issue
  • Review call for nominations form for accuracy (e.g. check to make sure that correct offices for current election year are noted) and get revised form mounted on NASIGWeb
  • Receive papers and copyright forms from authors. The paper deadline is generally 6 weeks after the conference. Send a reminder one week in advance of the deadline
  • Contact authors who have missed the deadline as soon as they have missed the deadline. If an author cannot fulfill his/her responsibilities, having a backup recorder work from an audio-recording or contacting the newsletter reporter and asking him/her to expand his/her report are two options to consider. Keep Board Liaison informed of progress collecting late papers
  • Upload papers into Google Docs and begin editing process. Refer to the Proceedings Editors' Manual for more information
  • Get list of poster sessions and abstracts from the PPC
  • Get list of registrants from the conference registrar
  • Save electronic copies of copyright agreements and reconcile any differences in title among the copyright agreement, title of the program, and title of the report
PPC The PPC calendar is set up with the assumption that the conference will be held in May; if held at another time, appropriate adjustments should be made
  • The First Call for Proposals and Program Ideas is written up
  • Web-based form for program proposal submission is updated and tested
  • Review Quick and Dirty Evaluation Report
  • Consult with CPC about conference site--physical facilities, number of available rooms, time limitations, etc.
  • Distribute draft schedule to Board and CPC