NASIG 25th Anniversary 1985-2010

prepared by the NASIG 25th Anniversary Task Force

NASIG Chronology 1984-2010
History of NASIG's Vision and Planning 2010 by Sheryl Williams
NASIG Issues and Trends 2010 by Sheryl Williams
NASIG 2010 Conference Photos
NASIG Hall of Presidents Poster (PDF)


Board Rosters (1985-2010)
Committees (1985-2010)
Task Forces (1988-2010)
Budget History (1985-2009)
Membership Numbers (1986-2010)
Annual Conferences (1986-2010)
All-conference Attendees (1986-2010)
Student Grant Applicants and Awards (1988-2010)
Student Grant Winners (1988-2010)
Scholarship and Award Winners (1994-2010)
Memorials (1988-2003)