Speaker Resources

NASIG 32nd Annual Conference

June 8-11, 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana

Speaker Resources

March 17, 2017: Memorandum of Understanding due.
June 20, 2017: Last date to send in any slides or handouts you wish to share with attendees.
July 28, 2017: Paper due to the NASIG conference proceedings editors.   

The speaker's breakfast will be held on Friday, June 9th, at 7:30am. Attendance at the Speakers' Breakfast is strongly encouraged. The conference organizers will give updates and proceedings editors will provide more information about the write-up process and timeline. It is also an opportunity to meet your recorder (if you requested one).

If you are bringing your own laptop(s), you may need to bring your own adapters/dongles (particularly for Macs). The Conference Planning Committee recommends having your presentations online with a service such as SlideShare and a backup on a USB drive, just in case. Wireless will be available in all conference rooms.


Please note, speakers are required to provide a final copy of any presentation slides for loading into the NASIG SlideShare account.

NASIG will be using a SlideShare account to allow for cloud storage of speakers presentations and to manage conference handouts. Attendees will be directed to the conference SlideShare page to download handouts and presentation materials. Speaker presentations and handouts are to be e-mailed to the Communications & Marketing Committee (CMC) at web@nasig.org for them to upload the materials to the NASIG Slideshare site. Slides may be submitted after the conference, as late as June 20, 2017. If slide presentations are sent during the conference itself, CMC will be monitoring the gmail account and uploading the presentations as quickly as possible. We will continue to add slides and handouts up to June 20, 2017.

Though we are not requiring speakers to use this version of the presentations when you actually present, we strongly invite all to do so. For some guidelines in formatting a SlideShare presentation, please see the following:

Please particularly consider accessiblity of your presentations, including color contrast and text size. Posting your presentation ahead of time is another way to make your presentation more accesible to all attendees. Please also be sure to properly credit any images and make your own rights clear. You may wish to add a Creative Commons license to increase its ability to be shared.

Send your presentation materials as attachments to web@nasig.org. In the body of the email, include the title of your presentation and the names of the presenters as well as any URLs if you are using a website instead of a document as your handout. In order to assist CMC in organizing the presentations, please begin all presentation titles with "nasig2017".

Presenters may also upload their presentations to their own accounts, but CMC needs a copy to place with our NASIG SlideShare to best keep them grouped together.

Your materials will be freely accessible to everyone; they will not be restricted to NASIG members and any non-members who have registered for this year's conference. If you have questions, please contact CMC at web@nasig.org.


All presentations at the conference will be included in the proceedings. When filling out your Memorandum of Understanding (due by March 17th), you can choose to write your own paper for the proceedings or to have the proceedings editors assign a recorder who will write the paper in consultation with you. If you are not the only speaker for your session, please be sure to communicate with your co-presenters when deciding who will be writing the paper.

The conference proceedings are published in The Serials Librarian (Taylor & Francis). A benefit of NASIG membership is unrestricted access to the current and past proceedings. Authors will be asked to sign a copyright form and a license to publish form. Both of these are currently being revised by T&F and the NASIG Board, and we will provide links to them here when they are available. More information about authors rights can be found on the Taylor & Francis website.

The proceedings editors have developed guidelines for authors, which are also currently being revised. More information will be available closer to the conference.

The deadline for submitting your paper is July 28th, 2017.

All speakers are required to sign and return a copy of the NASIG Memorandum of Understanding by March 17th. If you cannot download a copy of the MOU, please contact PPC at prog-plan@nasig.org.

Vision session speakers and presenters, please see FAQs.

The details of your compensation for speaking at NASIG was communicated in your proposal acceptance. If you have any further questions about compensation, please see our policy for Annual Conference and Continuing Education Events.