UKSG’s June webinar: Thinking the Unthinkable – Doing Away with the Library Catalogue

http://www.uksg.org/ librarycatalogue

Date: Wednesday 11 June 2014
Time: 1400 BST

Duration: 45 minutes including Q&A (up to 60 minutes maximum if there is
sufficient demand for an extended Q&A)

Speaker: Simone Kortekaas, Consultant and Project Manager at the Dept.
Innovation & Development, Utrecht University Library

Fresh from her well-received and thought-provoking talk at the UKSG 2014
Conference in Harrogate, Simone Kortekaas reprises her conference
presentation with the advantage of an interactive Q&A session.

"In 2012 we made some bold and unconventional decisions at Utrecht
University Library in The Netherlands: shut down the custom-made discovery
system Omega, not to implement another library discovery service and focus
predominantly on delivery." Simone Kortekaas

This webinar discusses those bold decisions and the implications for
'discovery versus delivery' in the library setting.

Please visit http://www.uksg.org/ librarycatalogue for more information and
to register. 'Notes for Participants' are also available on that page  to
help you prepare for the webinar.

This is a free webinar and everyone is welcome to register - UKSG members
and non-members alike. Once registered, you will automatically receive a
link to a recording of the webinar after the live event.


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