A Member's Guide to NASIG Electronic Communication


1) Welcome
2) Avenues of Communication
2.1) Announcements
2.2) NASIG-L
2.3) NASIG Website & Blogs
2.4) Committee Listservs
2.5) Web 2.0 & Social Networking
3) Future Enhancements
4) Listservs and other contacts for external NASIG announcements


1) Welcome

Welcome to NASIG!

There are a variety of methods for NASIG members to receive information and to communicate with colleagues. The following clarifies the current avenues for communication as well as who can post, who receives/can read the message, and whether the content is limited in some way. NASIG's Communications & Marketing Committee (CMC) is responsible for maintaining the NASIG website, listservs and other social networking profiles that represent NASIG on the web.

Please note that access to some of these communication avenues, conference proceedings, and other files is a privilege of NASIG membership, supported by NASIG dues and made possible through the hard work of NASIG committees.

To contact the CMC, please email.

2) Avenues of Communication

2.1) Announcement

The following are one way communication. Members may send in items to be included, but the information is vetted to ensure it is appropriate for the communication channel.

Messages to Membership ("Blasts")

All NASIG members receive messages from the Executive Board and committees about NASIG activities. Blast messages can also be sent to specific committees or groups and registrants for events. These messages are one way (i.e. this is not a discussion list). The messages all have to do with NASIG, NASIG sponsored activities or any allied groups (e.g. UKSG). Members may receive messages from a variety of email addresses that end with

For a full list of email addresses to add to your safe senders list, visit
The messages do not have a standard subject (as is the case with lists) so if you want to set up a filter for these messages, you will need to use the presence of in the sender email address as the rule.

Archives of blast messages are accessible to people with administrative rights following these instructions:

NASIG & Other News

The NASIG site includes current announcements on the homepage.

These announcements are normally duplicated and archived on the NASIG Blog. The announcements are posted by the CMC or others on behalf of the organization's committees or others with serials/e- related news. Email if you'd like the CMC to post news on your behalf.

NASIG Newsletter

The NASIG Newsletter is managed by the Newsletter Committee/Editorial Board. The NASIG Newsletter is published 4 times a year. Back issues are also available on the site. The Newsletter is not limited to NASIG members. Content is solicited from committees and NASIG members.

2.2) NASIG-L


NASIG-L is the electronic discussion list for NASIG members. Topics for discussion include: announcements, news, meetings, reports, and issues of concern to members that may be of interest to the NASIG organization. Job announcements are posted to the NASIG jobs blog.

NOTE: in 2012, non-member conference attendees were added to NASIG-L to facilitate discussions related to the conference. Those individuals were removed from the list by early September.

To post to the list, email

This list is moderated, which means that any message sent to NASIG-L will automatically be forwarded to the CMC listmanagers for verification before being distributed to the rest of the NASIG-L subscribers.

NASIG members are automatically added to NASIG-L when they join the organization. At the bottom of each message there is a link and instructions on how to unsubcribe.

To report an email address change, send a message to the CMC with your old address and your new address. Also, be sure to update your address by logging into the NASIG website and going to My Account in the Member Center. This will update the NASIG member directory.

If you have trouble with the listserv, send a message to the CMC.

2.3) NASIG Website and Blogs

NASIG Website

The NASIG Web site is accessible using any Web browser at the following URL:

It includes the proceedings of NASIG Conferences beginning with 1992, the NASIG Newsletter beginning with its first issue in January 1986, and information about the NASIG organization. In addition, links are provided to Web resources of interest to NASIG members and serialists.

Much of the Web site is open to all and links from other Web sites are welcome. However most of the full text offerings are limited by username and password to access by NASIG members only.

Questions and comments concerning should be sent to the CMC.

NASIG Blog -

The NASIG blog includes news posted by committees or by any NASIG member. The blog is open to non-members to read, but only members may post to it. See "About" ( for more information.

Jobs Blog -

All job announcements related to serials or electronic resources may be posted here. Announcements are pulled from various lists or can be emailed. See the job blog policies for more information.

2.4) Committee Listservs

Internal Committee Communication

Committee members are on the e-mail list for their assigned committee. Messages to the list go to all committee members. These are meant as a discussion forum closed to the specific committee. You can access the archives for each list with these instructions:

Contacting Committees

NASIG members may contact the NASIG Board or committees through the e-mail listed on the committees web page.

Questions and comments concerning NASIG lists should be sent to the CMC.

2.5) Web 2.0 & Social Networking

NASIG has a presence on the following sites:

NASIG @ Flickr

If you post NASIG photos to Flickr, please add the tag NASIG ( If they are from a conference, please also add a NASIGyyyy tag (e.g. NASIG2009- so that people can see everyone's photos. Join the Group Pool (, too, by clicking on the "Join This Group" link! Individuals don't have to have FLICKR accounts to add pictures. See the instructions for providing photos to the Archivist for inclusion on our account.

Photos are linked from the NASIG Blog and from the Conference Photos web page (coming soon!)

NASIG @ Twitter

NASIG is on Twitter. There are a few tweets from NASIG (, but you can also see what other people are saying about NASIG by searching NASIG ( We also use twitterfeed to include posts from the NASIG blog and the NASIG Newsletter to Twitter.

NASIG @ Facebook

NASIG is on Facebook with the NASIG Facebook Group (!/group.php?gid=2399345882).
Anyone can join and all NASIG news from the NASIG homepage are posted on Facebook as well.

NASIG @ LinkedIn

NASIG is on Linked with NASIG LinkedIn Group (
Anyone can join and all NASIG announcements from the What's New column and the NASIG Blog are posted on Linkedin as well.

3) Future Enhancements

NASIG is working to provide its members with a comprehensive electronic environment in which to transact business, and members of the CMC are working to further develop this environment to provide electronic services to address current and anticipated member needs. Watch the NASIG-L discussion list and the NASIG Newsletter for progress reports and announcements. We greatly appreciate your ideas. Please send your comments to the CMC.

4) Listservs and other contacts for external NASIG announcements

The Publicist on CMC maintains the list of contacts for external NASIG announcements to assist committees and members in publicizing NASIG events as well as the organization as a whole. Publicity guidelines are linked from the Member Center in the Documents section under Administrative Documents > Publicity.


updated 7/18/2014