Starting in January 2018 and working from the Web-Based Infrastructure Task Force (WBITF) list of requirements, this task force is charged with investigating and implementing recommended solutions that address those requirements. An initial report of recommended solutions and potential implementation timeline, along with a draft budget, should be prepared for Board review by 13 April 2018. The Board will provide detailed feedback to the task force and expect a final report with implementation recommendations by 31 May 2018, in time for the Board to discuss and approve at its June meeting. The next phase of the task force’s work will be to work closely with the Communications Committee, Membership Services Committee, and all other relevant committees/groups within NASIG to implement these solutions according to the approved budget and timeline.

Chair:  Paoshan Yue (University of Nevada, Reno)


Heidy Berthoud (Vassar College)
Melissa Cantrell (University of Colorado – Boulder)
Amanda Echterling (Virginia Commonwealth University)
David Macaulay (University of Wyoming)
Lisa Martincik (University of Iowa)
Char Simser (Kansas State University)

Board Liaison:
Lisa Martincik