For about a decade now, NASIG has relied upon ArcStone and Association Management Online (AMO) to provide basic, web-based infrastructure services and systems that support critical aspects of the daily working of our organization. Some functions work well and others do not. In addition, new functionality (such as user-recognizable URLs for website pages, or a complete redesign of the user interface (UI) of www.nasig.org) is currently not feasible without significant rethinking or investment in a different platform. Flexible reporting of member info. is another example of a need that our current infrastructure doesn’t support.

The task force is charged with creating a list of requirements for necessary/desired functionality for all web-based services and functions including frontend (what’s available to general and member users via www.nasig.org) and backend operations (membership database and communication functions, financial transactions, etc.). This requirements document should be organized in priority order with succinct but thorough justifications for each requirement. A draft set of requirements is to be submitted to the Board for initial review by 1 June 2017 (in time for the Board meeting just before the annual conference). A final requirements document is due by 1 October 2017 (in time for the Fall Board meeting).


Chair:  Paoshan Yue (University of Nevada, Reno)

Jessica Ireland (Radford University)
David Macaulay (University of Wyoming)
Lisa Martincik (University of Iowa)
Bob Persing (University of Pennsylvania)
Char Simser (Kansas State University)
Kathryn Wesley (Clemson University)

Board Liaison:
Chris Bulock