The charge of the Digital Preservation Task Force is to identify ways in which NASIG can raise awareness of and develop tools for reducing the risk of losing vulnerable digital scholarly content. The task force will identify new roles for librarians and publishers as well as the impact of these changes on preservation in an ever-changing digital environment, and develop some best practices for the industry. The task force will identify ways in which NASIG can be involved in proactive digital preservation, including tools for marketing digital preservation to a broad range of library administrations and publishers. The task force will provide quarterly reports to the Board on their progress, with final recommendations submitted by the 2019 conference.

Chair: Shannon Keller (New York Public Library), 16/19

James Phillpotts (Oxford University Press), 17/19
Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa), 16/19
Heather Staines (, 17/19
Zach Van Stanley (University of Denver), 16/19

Board Liaison:
Ted Westervelt


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