As the primary professional association for information professionals in North America, NASIG has a mandate to foster strong relationships with library and information science programs and recruit the next generation of information professionals. To this end, NASIG has established a Student Outreach Committee, which is charged to:

Increase the overall visibility of NASIG to students, faculty, and staff

Recruit new members to NASIG
Promote our awards, particularly the Student Grant Awards
Partner on Continuing Education opportunities offered by the schools
Arrange for guest lecturers (NASIG members in the area) to discuss serials in library school classes
Facilitate development of the next generation of information professionals
Help faculty understand what NASIG is and how it can help them in their teaching

The goal of this Committee is to find a way to coordinate the efforts of all relevant NASIG Committees, as well as individual members, so that our efforts are professional and efficient.

Contact the Student Outreach Committee at:

The Student Outreach Committee members serve as liaisons to ambassadors who follow a set of guidelines to facilitate these relationships with the schools. 

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Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page.

Student Mentoring Program

The year-long student mentoring program is a new initiative by the committee to connect professionals with students for the period of one year. 

Chair: Kimberly Lawler (University of Colorado Boulder), 16/18
Vice-Chair: Stephanie Miller (San Francisco Theological Seminary), 16/18


Todd Enoch (University of North Texas), 17/18
Celia Gavett (State University of New York, Buffalo), 16/18
Christina Geuther (Kansas State University), 16/18
Beth Guay (University of Maryland, College Park), 17/19
Melissa Johnson (Georgia Regents University), 17/19
Megan Kilb (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), 17/19
Joyce Tenney (retired), 17/19
Danielle Williams (University of Evansville), 17/19

Board Liaison:
Adolfo Tarango