The Site Selection Committee consists of the President, Vice President/President Elect and one other NASIG member appointed by the President.This committee is charged with identifying potential sites, completing preliminary review for each site, and making a recommendation for Board discussion.Once the Board determines which sites should be pursued, committee members conduct site visits, complete a full site checklist for each site including contractual costs and issues,and prepare a final report for Board consideration. If you have any questions you may contact the Annual Conference Site Selection Committee by email.

An explanation of the site selection process is available in the NASIG Conference Site Selection article in the March 2007 issue of the NASIG Newsletter, starting on p.17.

Criteria Examined in Selecting Sites for NASIG Annual Conferences

Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page.


Anna Creech (University of Richmond), 2018, standing assignment
Angela Dresselhaus (East Carolina University), 17/19
Kristen Wilson (Index Data), 18/20

Board Liaison:
Angela Dresselhaus