The Program Planning Committee considers the needs of the diverse NASIG membership in preparing an annual conference program that highlights common concerns. All committee members referee proposals, combine topics and solicit speakers as needed to produce a balanced group of sessions, which provide practical help with attendees' daily responsibilities and address overarching, cutting edge ideas. Activity spans fifteen months, with the period of most intense activity occurring between August and June with referring, selection, speaker notification, non-selection letters, preparation of copy for the online brochure, and speaker liaison duties. Members also work on subgroups to develop and produce special program events for the conference. The PPC Co-Chairs have frequent interaction with the President, Treasurer, Board Liaison, Proceedings Editors and with the chairs of CPC.

The committee also works with other NASIG committees to identify programs, sites and speakers that would be suitable for programs, joint conferences and electronic forums. The committee also provides and receives information from the Evaluations and Assessment Committee and the Online Registration Team. If you have any questions you may email the Annual Conference Program Planning Committee.

Program Planning Manual (restricted to PPC members)
Speaker Resources

Profiles of the Program Planning Committee from the February 1996 NASIG Newsletter Vol.11, no.1, p.19-22, and in the March 2007 issue, Vol. 22, no.1, p.19-20.

Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page.

Chair: Maria Collins (North Carolina State University), 18/20
Vice-Chair: Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa) 18/20

Nicole Ameduri, (Springer Nature), 18/20
Marsha Aucoin (EBSCO) 17/19
David Burke (Villanova University) 18/20
Chris Burris (Wake Forest University), 18/20
Mandy Hurt (Duke University), 17/19
Gail Julian (Clemson University), 18/20
Steve Kelley (Wake Forest University), 18/20
Samantha Mairson (Syracuse University), 18/20
Kathie Mason (Eastern Michigan University), 18/20
Maria Stanton (American Theological Library Association), 18/20


Ex Officio:
Tom Osina (Non-Profit Help)

Board Liaison:
Kristen Wilson