The Nominations & Elections Committee will solicit nominations of vice president/president elect, secretary, treasurer and board members, review proposed candidates’ qualifications, prepare a slate of candidates, prepare the ballot, carry out the election, report the results to the NASIG membership and review any challenges to the election. The committee’s deliberations will be strictly confidential. The committee will adopt all necessary and proper precautions to ensure the conduct of a trustworthy election. If you have any questions you may email the Nominations & Elections Committee.

Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page. (See also the Elections Process web pages.)

Chair:  Erika Ripley (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), 17/18
Vice-Chair:  Stephanie Adams (Tennessee Tech University), 17/18


Joe Badics (Eastern Michigan University), 17/18
Molly Galey (University of Colorado at Denver), 17/18
Bethany Greene (Duke University), 17/18
Virginia Martin (Duke University), 17/18
Pat Rodgers (Harrassowitz), 17/18

Board Liaison:  Betsy Appleton