The Newsletter Editorial Board is charged with the production and dissemination of the NASIG Newsletter. Activities include maintaining and reviewing the publication schedule, including what information should be covered in each issue and deadline dates; reviewing editing and production duties to maximize editorial board efficiency; coordinating with committees, officers, professional liaisons, and board members for regular reports; and considering enhancements to the newsletter. NASIG members are offered the opportunity to apply for Newsletter Editorial Board positions as they become vacant. The NASIG Board has established a term limit (two terms of two years each) only for the Editor-in-Chief. If you have any questions you can contact the Newsletter Editorial Board by email.

Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page.

Editorial Board Position Descriptions

Lori Duggan (Indiana University), 18/20

Copy Editors:
Stephanie Rosenblatt (Cerritos College), 2013-
Jessica LaBrie (Wellesley College), 2018-

Columns Editor:
Kurt Blythe (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), 2007-

Conference Editor:
Rachel Erb (Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative), 2013-

Submissions Editor:
Gail Julian (Clemson University), 2016-

Profiles Editor:
Christian Burris (Wake Forest University), 2016-

Layout Editor:
Faye O'Reilly (Wichita State University), 2016-

Advertisements Editor:
Maria Aghazarian (Swarthmore College), 2018-

Institutional Contact:
Kathryn Wesley (Clemson University), 2018-

Board Liaison:
Beth Ashmore