The Mentoring Program is designed to help make new conference attendees feel more at ease, highlight membership benefits and create networking opportunities. Prior to each annual conference, a call goes out on NASIG-L for experienced NASIG attendees to sign up as mentors. Mentors are matched with first-time conference attendees, including grant winners. Mentors and their partners meet at the First-timers reception at the beginning of the conference.

Contact the Mentoring Group at

Announcement about the program goes out a month before the conference. Sign-up should be complete 2 weeks before the conference. Assignments are completed within several days after the sign-up deadline. Reminder about online-evaluation form sent out to NASIG-L a month after the conference.

Guidelines for Mentors and Mentees  

NASIG First Timers Mentoring Program Application

Calendar Checklist for NASIG Mentors/Mentee Actions and Activities

Chair: Xiaoyan Song (North Carolina State University), 18/20


Nadine Ellero (Auburn University), 17/19
Sandy Folsom (Central Michigan University), 17/19
Trina Holloway (Georgia State University), 17/19

Board Liaison:
Marsha Seamans