The purpose of the Evaluation & Assessment Committee is to produce, distribute, process, and assess evaluation forms for the annual conference, the preconference, and any other functions requiring evaluation (e.g., continuing education workshops); to maintain and update the survey software; and to produce and distribute reports as requested by the NASIG Board. The Committee works with the Program Planning Committee, the Conference Planning Committee, and the Continuing Education Committee. Committee appointments are on the calendar year. If you have any questions you may email the Evaluation & Assessment Committee.

Evaluation and Assessment Committee Manual

Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page.

Chair: Melody Dale (Mississippi State University), 2017
Vice-Chair: Michael Fernandez (American University), 2017

Clint Chamberlain (Dallas County Community College District), 2016/17
Melody Dale (Mississippi State University), 2017/18
Deberah England (Wright State University), 2016/17
Michael Fernandez (American University), 2017/18
Tim Hagan (Northwestern University), 2017/18
Derek Marshall (Mississippi State), 2016/17
Trina Nolen (Lamar University), 2016/17
Diana Reid (University of Louisville), 2017/18

Derek Wilmott (Clemson University), 2017/18

Board Liaison:
Karen Davidson