The NASIG Continuing Education Committee is charged with providing the information resources management education opportunities to its membership as well as the information resources community as a whole. In this regard, the committee develops high quality programs that can be offered on a regional basis to members and potential members in all parts of North America. The content of these programs are diverse in order to reach as many segments of the community as possible, and include a range of topics, including general and specific as well as theoretical and practical aspects of serials work. The committee reviews and updates the Core Competencies. The committee collaborates with other NASIG committees to identify programs and other activities, areas of interest, sites and speakers that would be suitable for programs, joint conferences, occasional publication, and electronic forums. The committee establishes links with library and information science and academic publishing programs to cooperate on information resources management education programs and identify potential speakers from outside NASIG for programs and events. If you have questions you may email the Continuing Education Committee.

Profile of the Continuing Education Committee from NASIG Newsletter Vol. 19, no. 1 (March 2004), p.12.

Access Continuing Education Committee Groupspace through the Member Center (access restricted to committee members)

CEC Manual (PDF)

CEC Survey Results 2011 (PDF)

CEC Survey Results 2011 (XLS)

CEC and the Publication and Public Relations Committee Report - August 2010

Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page.

Co-Chair, Committee Coordinator: Lori Terrill (Black Hills State University), 18/20  
Co-Chair, Webinar Coordinator: Julia Proctor (Pennsylvania State University), 17/19


Stephanie Bandel-Koroll (MTSU Center for Popular Music), 18/20
Rachel Becker (Madison College), 18/20
Melanie Church (Rockhurst University), 17/19
Adele Fitzgerald (St. Joseph’s College New York), 17/19
Julia Hess (Ball State University), 17/19
Jennifer L. Pate (University of North Alabama), 18/20
Xiaoyan Song (North Carolina State University), 17/19
Shoko Tokoro (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), 17/19

Board Liaison:
Lisa Martincik