The Awards & Recognition Committee encourages career choices and career development in the serials information chain in the following ways: awarding conference grants to students in ALA-accredited programs in library and information science; sponsoring conference attendance by those new to the field (librarian, publisher, or vendor); providing scholarships to library and information science students with prior serials experience; fostering international communication in the serials world through the awarding of grants; recognizing service to NASIG; and other special awards. The committee publicizes the competitive awards, screens applicants, selects recipients, assists with travel arrangements, and coordinates conference activities for pertinent awardees. At the recommendation of the NASIG Board, the committee is responsible for ordering and presenting both service and special awards. If you have questions you may email the Awards & Recognition Committee.

Profile of the Awards Committee from NASIG Newsletter Vol.9, no.1 (February 1994), p.14.

Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page.

Chair:  Delphia Williams (California State University, Northridge), 16/18


Jamie Carlstone (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), 17/19
Lea Currie (University of Kansas), 17/19
Lori Duggan (Indiana University), 16/18
Susan Elkins (Sam Houston State University), 17/19
Rachel Erb (Colorado State University), 17/19
Joe Hinger (St. John's University), ex officio, standing assignment
Jennifer Leffler (University of Northern Colorado), vice chair, 16/18
Tiffany Le Maistre (Nevada State College), 15/17
Jennifer Leffler (University of Northern Colorado), 16/18
Elaine McCracken (University of California, Santa Barbara), 16/18
Vanessa Mitchell (Library of Congress), 17/19
Trina Nolen, (Nonprofit Help), 17/19
Tom Osina (NonProfit Help), ex officio, standing assignment
Del Williams (California State University, Northridge), chair, 16/18
Moon Kim (California State University, Fullteron), 17/19

Board Liaison: Ted Westervelt